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1.16 Twin Flame & Attacks Energy Update


Here are the updates I got today 🙂

Twin Flame Update

You aren’t going to see a lot of updates about Twin Flames from me, but I have noticed some things going on with twins and this is the info I received:

I was shown one of those old timey scales, I will attach a picture of what I mean. And was shown how the scale that is much heavier (representing the twin that is further behind) is now going to be pushed up more intensely to the other scale (twin that is further ahead) to balance them. Whatever twin is further ahead in their journey, the other twin is now being forced up to where the other one is. This has always been happening but it has been more gradual. Since the start of this month this process has sped up a lot. So the further one twin is ahead of the other, the twin that is behind is going to be in for a bit of a rough ride as they won’t be having nearly as much time to work through everything that comes up.

The energies are now at a place that you don’t have to dive into every past life and get all the details of that life to heal from it and the same goes for all other areas of healing. It’s more about just allowing it to be healed and letting it go. For people completely oblivious to the ascension their healing is still taking place and being let go of without them consciously aware of it. This is also relating a bit to the twin connection, as things are coming up and being transmuted and worked through without the other twin (or both twins) conscious involvement or awareness.

Attacks That Are Happening

I saw other posts today mentioning about the global attacks and dark forces trying to do anything they can at this point as last ditch efforts. I picked up about the same as far as that goes. The most important thing we can do is expand unconditional love from our heart space out and all around us. You can even visualize that love spreading throughout the entire planet. On top of that you can ask that the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Pleiadians, and other love and light beings help clear and remove the negative energies and attacks globally. The more of us that hold that intention and ask the more they are able to help.

I was attacked last night in one of my dreams and there was something I had to clear that was inside the house and another thing on the property. Meditating and asking that your Higher Self, Archangel Michael, and guides of love & light remove anything that isn’t for your highest good helps a lot. I ask my guardian guides and other guides to do a sweep of the house and property and remove anything they find which works very well. When I do find something around me I look for portals or tears in space/time and close those as well.

You can ask Archangel Azrael to close portals and tears that are open and it will be taken care of for you. You can also try meditating and stepping way outside of yourself like you are looking at your physical body/energy body in the place you are from a bird’s eye view and see if you can see anything on you and where it is. This doesn’t always work but it does sometimes for me, as often times when something is on me it can be hard to find it myself, especially if that thing is misdirecting me and blocking me from seeing it, depending on what it is.  Other times I’ve imagined a big mirror in front of me and have been able to see what is on me through the mirror. If you still feel something is there or are not feeling right I advise you to reach out to an energy healer that can remove & clear the attacks.

For twins have you noticed that your twin is going through major changes this month?

Have you also noticed the attacks?

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