Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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2018 Updates, Pricing Changes, & Events

2018 is almost here and next year I will be offering much more! I plan to put out more articles and information I pull...

12/12 Free Healing & 12 Strand DNA Upgrade / Activation

I will be doing a free 12/12 group healing with a a 12 strand DNA upgrade or activation next week. The event is from...

How to Clear Reptilian Attacks Yourself

This is a guest post I did for in5d.com. You can view the full article here: http://in5d.com/clear-reptilian-attachments-implants/

Higher Consciousness Beings To Call In For Healing

My new guest post about some various beings you can call in for healing help as needed! Read about it here: http://in5d.com/higher-consciousness-beings-call-healing/

What Are Discarnate Souls & How Can I Protect Against Them?

My guest post about discarnate souls & recommended protection against them! Read the article here: http://in5d.com/discarnate-souls-can-protect/

New Protections From Sol Golden Pyramid Energy

There is a new protection from our sun Sol that involves golden pyramids :). I was part of the group that helped set this...

Handling The 800,000+ 4D Beings Released On The Eclipse

I wrote a guest post for in5d.com about the 800,000-900,000 4d discarnate souls released on the eclipse. You can check out the article here: http://in5d.com/handling-800000-4d-beings-released-eclipse/

Entering The Sacred Heart Space & Sacred Liver Space

There are two sacred spaces that I would like to discuss today. The Heart space and Liver space. I’d say that both of these...

What Are DNA Upgrades & Activations?

There are many different types of spiritual upgrades & activations that are given to us during our ascension process. Going to explain the different...

Self Hypnosis Technique

Sit or lay down, whatever is most comfortable for you. Put your intention on your toes, imagine that every cell and particle is just relaxing Now...

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