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Cat + Animal Energy Healing

Although I have suggested donations listed, I am a donation based service and will assist regardless of the donation amount. If you are unable to donate anything and still have an animal friend that you feel could use a healing session, please contact me as I would still like to help.

I’m now offering distance healing sessions for cats!

Session Includes:

  • Clearing their energy systems & direct healing energy where I am guided to.
  • Removal of entities, implants, and any other energetic interference’s in their energy.
  • Clear/Heal/Balance/Alignment of chakras
  • Clearing/Healing of the auric field
  • Any upgrades that they are ready for will be given.
  • At the end of the session their energies will be aligned.

Suggested Donation: $45

You can contact me at meashenu@gmail.com or use the contact form below to schedule.