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My available services are listed here. I summarized some of the services so you can click on the page preview with the image below each one to go to their individual pages for the full descriptions. I’m a donation based service with suggested donations. If you cannot afford the suggested prices & would need a session at a lower cost, feel free to contact me. I also do giveaways occasionally for my services on my Facebook page http://facebook.com/meashenu & Facebook group http://facebook.com/groups/groupenergyhealing

30 Minute Energy Healing – $65

This session covers the aura, chakras, 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), meridians, energy blockages, & energy clearing. If your energies need re-calibrated that will happen as well. If there are any entities or etheric implants, I will remove those too. If you are ready for a DNA upgrade then that is also included in this session. Lately some sessions my clients have been receiving 2 upgrades instead of one per session. I also can work with your higher self and clear any past life blockages that come up in the sessions as well. When the session is completed, I will give you an update about how it went on my end. Read the full details on the 30 minute healing session page.

30 Minute Energy Healing

Cat Energy Healing – $45

I’m now offering distance energy healing for cats! I will clear energies & direct healing energy where it’s needed most. I can also clear implants & entities from your cat if there are any there. Chakras are cleared/healed and I am also now giving a lot of cats upgrades that they need. At the end of the session their energy is aligned. Please get in touch to schedule or if you have any questions. You can use the form below or email meashenu@gmail.com. Read the full details here:  http://meashenu.com/cat-energy-healing/

Chakra & DNA Upgrades – $25

This is done remotely. I am able to give chakra system upgrades, DNA Upgrades, Kundalini upgrades, and whatever other upgrades you may need. The majority of the upgrades will be DNA Upgrades. I prefer to do the chakra system upgrade as part of my 30 minute energy healing session, but can do that separately if needed. These you don’t need to be “present” for, so we don’t need to schedule a time where you need to be in a meditative state or relaxed. I can give these to you even while you are at work or sleeping, as long as you aren’t doing any intense physical activity.

Chakra & DNA Upgrades

Energy Re-calibration – $20

There are many energetic shifts happening frequently right now. This can throw off your energy fields and cause you to feel wobbly and that something is off. This service is to re-calibrate your energies & tune them to the higher frequencies of energy so they are in balance again. I do this remotely and I can do this while you are at at work or sleeping, you don’t need to be in a meditative state or laying down for this service.

Energy Re-calibration

Full Moon Group Energy Healing Free

This is a group healing that I & another healer do every full moon within our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing

Group Energy Healings