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Update With Site and Services


Like many of us I have been going through a huge death and rebirth process. I’m at a point I’m feeling great again now but I have to change things around with what I offer for services.

As of now I’m not offering healing services until I figure out what form this evolution will take. I don’t feel my sessions are the same as they were and I don’t mean they are worse. It just feels like healing is going to take a new form. It may be enough to have the healing energy be within my words and the light language and experiences I share. It can take other forms too. I’m going to see what my higher self and God/Source gives me some knowing on what to do next.

I know for certain I am no longer going to be helping with Entity related healing or implant removal. I am no longer playing with those energies or inviting that into my reality, even if it’s through helping others. I do feel I am supposed to leave all my old posts with that sort of information up as it’s still helpful to others going through that phase of their journey.

You are more than welcome to reach out and I can refer you to a couple of the people that have helped me along my journey. I will make sure to get a couple other referrals.

I would really like to continue to do animal healing at the moment, but I intuitively need to let that go for now too. What I had been trying to manifest so far with this spiritual work didn’t come to fruition and I need to let go of it completely. This will open up new ideas and direction. I could have new services up next week or it could be months or longer.

I do feel strongly that I will be writing more posts and sharing more about what I’m currently working through and going through on this website and through my social media pages. So stay tuned!




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