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1/10 & 1/15 Zoom Experiences


The Zoom room experiences continue to be really powerful. The 1/10 one we did an abundance one that connected us to Source and we created a continuous looping cycle of abundance for ourselves. We brought things back to the point of being able to trust and flow. It ended up being over 40 minutes and included a lot more that I can’t remember off the top of my head at the moment. It was a fantastic opportunity for those of us wanting to create more abundance and went very well.

The one we did on 1/15 was the ancestral lineage one. This was one of the most powerful ones so far. We ended up at a place and created a circle where the ancestors came in and visited us. I saw a viking looking blonde guy that kind of looked like Thor, felt a lot of energy and support from the ancestors. At one point Derek had us see an Orb in the middle and we held hand with a specific ancestor. I felt like it was my grandmother who passed away. I was not expecting her presence at all as she wasn’t a love and light type of person, quite the opposite, but was still receiving help from here which was interesting.

We ended up transmuting a lot of old ancestral energy together and energies from inner earth came up to assist us. We had a part where we became trees and had experiences with that. Another part we held out our hand and had a cube come in that helped us get a new template upgrade and more assistance from the ancestors.

After that those of us that stayed we ended up doing some various journeying, portal hopping, and so on. Some of us would end up at the same places together and other times we would just be experiencing things on our own. The group energy that was created by working together amplifies our experiences so it allowed for us to each have our own unique experiences. The one last night we stayed quiet on the zoom quite a lot and were each in and out of different journeying. We received a great deal of downloads, lots of 3rd eye buzzing and so on. At the very end we ended up on a ship together and it was so powerful, the pink christ consciousness energy came in. I haven’t experienced a full embrace of loving energy like that in some time, it felt wonderful and very healing.

We will probably do the same sort of thing in the future, where we do a shorter thing initially then allow a lot of time for us to use the group energy and have the experiences we each want to have.

It doesn’t really matter what level your abilities are in the zoom either. Sometimes I see a lot or get good information and sometimes I don’t. A lot of the time my 3rd eye is really amplified and buzzing during these to levels that is much harder to get at when I meditate on my own. Regardless of what you feel, see, or intuitively get during them we are all still participating as a group and receiving, as long as each just allows it to happen. That can help open things up over time.

This last one, some of us went for about 3 hours. But the initial guided part is generally about 20-30 mins, depending on what we get intuitively to do. After that initial part we generally do some more exploration and journeying. Feel free to join us.

We post the events for these in the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing/. If you are interested in joining you can join the group and watch out for the event notifications when they are created. We may expand the zoom room into other days and times in the future.

Alternatively I’ll start an email list. If you want me to email you whenever we do these, send me your email address to meashenu@gmail.com

We’ve been doing these for free but we greatly appreciate any donations or energy exchanges in other ways. That can come in subscribing/liking/sharing social media pages, getting one on one sessions, donating, or sharing our services with friends. I’ll share the links below.

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