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12/12 Free Healing & 12 Strand DNA Upgrade / Activation


I will be doing a free 12/12 group healing with a a 12 strand DNA upgrade or activation next week. The event is from 6pm-6:20pm PST on Tuesday 12/12.

If you were born before 1984 you do not have 12 strand DNA and you need to have your 11 strand DNA upgraded to 12 Strand. This will be done during the free session as long as you want it to and set your intention that it happens.

If you were born after 1984, you have 12 Strand DNA, but it may not be activated or fully activated. So set your intention that your 12 Strand DNA is fully activated and it will be.

If you are unable to attend at the time of the event, you can ask your higher self to attend for you and to receive the healing and upgrades for you. You will still get them this way even if you are busy or sleeping. Just ask your Higher Self to be connected in to the event, receive, and be connected out when it’s finished.

This will be done as a FB Event in the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing/


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