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Breaking Programming, Illusions, Judgements & Raising Your Vibrations



Breaking programming & re-programming is imperative for your spiritual growth. I re-write/balance thoughts by trying to pay attention to my thoughts and any time something negative popped in, I would then say the opposite. So if you find yourself saying “I’m not good enough” then you immediately counter it with “I am good enough” and after I really paid attention and stayed on top of this for a while I noticed a big difference. Breaking the programming will have to be something you figure out on your own as well. There’s realizations that you must come to on your own.

Also illusions are part of this too. Am I falling victim to my own illusion? Was I pulled into someone else’s illusion? Figuring these things out and breaking those illusions is crucial too.
There’s an amazing YouTube video I saw recently about raising frequencies, induction of energy, and how to remove judgments. It’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuM678WXs0c


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