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2018 Updates, Pricing Changes, & Events


2018 is almost here and next year I will be offering much more! I plan to put out more articles and information I pull from my higher self and guides. I will be putting out some courses and audio meditations as well. I will at some point in 2018 be offering phone sessions and reading services as well.

Pricing Changes

My pricing is going to increase this year on my 15 minute healing, 30 minute healing, & cat/animal healing. As long as you contact me before 1/1/2018 and schedule a session with me, even if it’s for later in January, you can still get my services at the price before the increase.


There’s a free group healing coming up on January 1st at 9pm Eastern in my Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing/ 

It will be the last free group healing where I am offering the 12 Strand DNA upgrade and upgrade from 20 codons to 24 codons for a while. I will still be able to offer those upgrades during individual sessions.

The second event will be a healing and MDT (Multi-dimensional transformation) healing attunement on January 11th. It’s basically going to be the upgraded version of reiki as the ascension continues. I will not be offering a certificate or anything official for this, it’s just something I’m doing for free with my higher self. That will be offered in the same facebook group.



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