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9D Lyran Soul Aspect

Ordered a soul portrait artwork from Jean Kirkham on facebook
and my 9d Lyran came through.
Very excited and happy to integrate this aspect. Been tiptoeing around the Lyran for a while and it wasn’t time until now.
But the messages were spot on as well. I connected to him already today and after looking at the art I realized he started coming in a little bit ago. It was right around the time i ordered the art or shortly before.
I kept seeing for about a week straight that blue christ star looking star in my 3rd eye. I thought it was one of the Pleiadian stars but what i saw was exactly as depicted in the art. Both the star on the upper right corner and one on his 3rd eye in the art. I kept seeing it and placing it into my 3rd eye and heart too.
I had a Lion stuffed animal as a kid and also had an alabaster Lyon statue that I left in Ecuador. So I’ve always known this guardian lion aspect was there for me. But only seen him pop in a couple times over the last 5 years.
In 2017-2018 when i was healing something he came through. I thought at the time it was a Lyran connected to the galactic federation but now looking back it was pretty clearly him.
Highly recommend ordering one for yourself if you feel called. I had a soul portrait done in 2018 of my Pleiadian and that resulted in much integration and even a ship visitation that was a crazy intense experience. The art really helps integrate and connect in a deeper way and looking forward to how this one unpacks 😄


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