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Am I On The Right Path?


This is a question that has come up in my own journey a few times and recently in December that I tuned into. It’s also surfacing up with others at this time.

We are always on the right path. There isn’t a wrong or right path, as everything in our journey is an experience that brings lessons or shows us what we are being guided to shift and heal within us to feel more in alignment with who we are and what we are creating in our lives. And often requires us to look at what is being mirrored to us in our reality & experiences.

But the question does not come up for us for no reason. When we ask ourselves this question there is something that feels off or we feel stuck, in doubt, fear, or feeling out of alignment about where we are.

If this is coming up, then sit with the question and tune into the source of it. You can do this in meditation or whatever works best for you. The answer may be something immediate that you already know or it may be more subtle and take a little more time to receive. You can also visualize yourself and life from an outside view and tune into the various parts and see if you can feel into it that way.

Whenever that out of alignment feeling comes up I also like to visualize with intention seeing myself move to a rainbow crystalline plasma path or road and then standing on there and walking forward on it.

But after we recognize the source of that question, then the next question to ask is “How can I shift, pivot, or heal through this?”

For me I was experiencing grief and pain from an experience in 2020 and fell back into some old coping methods. And the question or feeling came up that I had slipped off my path. I already knew the reasons and was working on healing through them, it just took time. But during that feeling I was also having the negative thoughts come back in, guilt, and felt like I wasn’t embodying the light I was meant to.

I was able to recognize this and took this as an opportunity to evolve out of it and become even stronger from it. And then I did just that. I changed my perceptions and pulled myself back up and just released/surrendered. And continued forward with the healing, forgiveness, gratitude, and lessons until it was done, which came to a completion this week. And I have felt up in the clouds, completely liberated and feeling great. And during the completion process another big piece of my own consciousness was freed and reintegrated.

It can also help to have a good support system of friends/healers/channelers/readers. I simply would not have accomplished, healed, and grew as much as I have the last 4-5 years in my own journey without the support system I have had along the way.


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