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Angel Coin Experience :)


I was driving into the grocery store parking lot today and saw a homeless brother in a wheelchair holding a cardboard sign right when you drive in. I decided I would get him at least a couple things, so bought a huge loaf of bread, bananas, and some water to give him. I normally do not share when I give to others in this manner, it’s not something I do to brag about or to share on social media, but today things turned out different and interesting, so I felt like sharing.

I am really quick inside stores. I was inside for about 5 minutes. When I got back out and was driving out of the parking lot he was nowhere to be found. It was like he vanished off the face of the planet. I even looked around to see if I could see a wheelchair in any of the neighboring lots, as I figure he could not have gotten that far in 5 mins. Couldn’t find him anywhere.

I was craving some Chipotle so I went there. This was right after the store, which I was still contemplating/reflecting on what happened as it seemed weird! When I got up to the Chipotle counter on the right there was a coin, which I felt was calling to me. It was just sitting there so I picked it up. The coin had an angel on it! And on the other side the exact same thing. It was a double sided angel coin.

There couldn’t be much more of a better sign the angels are with me than finding that. I started to think I must have just passed some sort of test and finding the coin meant I passed the test.

Even so I still had the bag, so on the way home I just was looking to see if I found anyone else that needed it. I couldn’t find anyone. Drove into another grocery store parking lot and no one. So now there were ZERO homeless people around in my reality and couldn’t find one even driving around looking. So I concluded that the whole thing was a test and I wasn’t going to find someone else right now. Right after thinking that I saw a big rainbow light glare/flash on a speed limit sign and took that as a confirmation.

I often have felt when someone is homeless that pops up in our reality it can be a test of sorts. For one, going along with the belief that we are all one, all aspects and reflections of each other… I always remind myself that that person IS ME TOO. They aren’t homeless, it is me homeless too. So if I chose to ignore that person and pretend they do not exist, then I feel I am neglecting some part of myself too. I also know that often times people that have created that reality or end up in that position also are serving other divine purposes. Every single person that drives by or walks by them, is being reminded that the world is not perfect and that we still have a lot of work to do.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried though haha. It’s still amazing to me how interactive our lives and realities are. There’s a constant force (God, higher self, universe, whatever works for you) we are interacting with and we receive interactions and communication back. When we are in that flow of things we can experience this constantly through signs & synchronicities.

Love & Blessings,



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