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A Few Barriers & Protection Techniques


Putting up barriers and protecting yourself is something you should get yourself in the habit of doing multiple times per day. Once in the morning and once at night would be good. This will help you not get drawn into other people’s negative energies and protect you against attacks as well. Below are a couple techniques, but I will be adding more posts with more techniques in the future so stay tuned!

1.) This one was shared with me. You create a mirror around your body, shiny side facing out. Add filters to ground cord, crown chakra, & souls of feet. Inside of the mirror add light pink energy. On the outside of mirror add a layer of 24 karat gold energy, about 3-6 inches thick. Then add a violet flame energy layer on the outside of the gold. Expand the mirror to arms length.

I think that one is really good if you are dealing with cords and attachments, especially from friends and family but it’s a good all around one too. Basically you transmute the energy and it gets reflected off the mirror and goes back to them as positive energy. Best to do when you wake up and go to sleep.

2.) Crystals are GREAT at protection!  I like Apache Tears / Black Obsidian the best for protection, but all sorts of crystals can be used for protection. A lot of the black stones are good for protecting against negative energies.

3.) I ask my group/guides to protect me too. So I put my trust in them to support me in protecting me.

4.) Another natural barrier I use is a vortex of transmutation energy. So any negative energies that come into contact with me just get transmuted into light energy and grounded into the Earth.
5.) Another way you can ground negative energy is imagine yourself as a tree and transmute the energy and ground it into the Earth with lots of roots made out of light.


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