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Chakra & DNA Upgrades


All upgrades here cost $25 each. I will also send high frequency healing energy to you as part of the time as well. Afterwards I will pull a light language card for you and take a picture of it and send it to you. You can use the symbol on the card & meditate on it to help integrate the upgrade.

I will only do 1 upgrade per week. Must wait 7 days until I give you another upgrade. Upgrades are also included in my 30 minute healing sessions too.

I call in higher selves, guides, soul groups, ascended masters, archangels, and star beings of Love & Light to assist with upgrades.

If you are interested in an upgrade I will have to check into your energy and see if you are ready at this time for one. Sometimes your guides are giving you upgrades already or you aren’t ready for the chakra system upgrade and need to wait.

Chaka System Upgrade

This is an upgrade of the entire chakra system. There are a lot of higher energies coming into the planet just about every day now. These energies are preparing us for raising our consciousness to prepare to raise our dimensional frequencies. The chakras can be upgraded to be of a higher frequency so they can handle the higher frequency energies. I prefer to do this upgrade as part of my 30 minute healing session, but can do it separately too.

DNA Upgrades

For DNA Upgrades I connect directly into Source and then direct the energy of the upgrade for you directly into your DNA and all of your cells. Whatever upgrade is the most appropriate for you at the time we do the session is what you will receive. My soul composition as well as my soul group are uniquely qualified to offer upgrades.

I offer 12 Strand DNA Upgrade / Activations as well. If you were born before 1984 you will need to be upgraded to 12 strand DNA. If you were born after 1984 you have 12 strand DNA but it may need to be activated so I can double check and activate it for you. As part of this upgrade I also upgrade you from 20 codons to 24 codons.

Please Note

Everyone responds to DNA upgrades differently. You may not notice anything at all or you may notice a lot from the upgrade. Generally I’ve always felt upgrades when given to me, but then notice them in much more subtle ways afterwards. After some upgrades, shortly after I had clearing/purging happen and others that didn’t happen. So what you experience may be unique to you.

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