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Clearing, Purging, & Cycling Energy Techniques


As you start clearing & opening up different energies there will be a need for regular methods of moving that energy out of your body. There are also times you will go through purging and this can be related to chakras, emotional body, physical body, mental body, or spiritual body purging. You may also be purging or clearing from past life experiences and working through that. What each individual needs to clear/purge is different.

You will see some methods involve bringing energy into your body then pushing the energy out past your aura, some just pushing and flowing the energy out through the ground, among other methods. The main point is to understand that the energy is moving and flowing out. Here are some different techniques I have used and still use to help me.

1.) This is a great full method if you can get it down to really cycle energies through the body so anything that is ready to move out can go out: https://meashenu.com/connecting-above-below-full-meditation-grounding-technique/

2.) Lately I have been asking Archangel Rafael to clear my energies too. I also will just put my intentions on asking all of my guides, higher self, and soul group to clear energies too. So you could ask Archangel Rafael, or a different Archangel or Ascended Master (they can all help with this).

So this is one way I would do it, I say Archangel Rafael’s name in my head while meditating and put intention on connecting to his energy. Then in my head I say “Archangel Rafael, please clear my entire being on all levels of all lower vibrational energy, stale energies, and everything else that is no longer serving my highest good, across all timelines.” Today I asked both Archangel Rafael & Anubis. So can play around with it and ask different Archangels and higher consciousness beings and may find one or a combo you like the feel of best.

Another great habit to get into is to ask your guides that serve love & light to heal negative thoughts you have on a daily basis. Ask your guides “please heal my fear & doubt based thoughts” or “please heal my negative thoughts.”

3.) You can also imagine roots going down from your feet and connecting into the Earth. Then just put your intention on your chakra’s and energies and imagine all lower vibrational energy or energy that is ready to be cleared just leaves your chakra’s and body and goes down through your feet and into the the earth and is transmuted to light and love there. This helps just push energies out of your body so if there’s something there that’s clearing out, it doesn’t just sit there.

I also have gone on walks and then just imagine roots going all into the Earth from the bottom of my feet while I’m walking and pushing the energies down into the roots and ask that they be transmuted into love/light while in the Earth.

4.) There’s also breathing techniques you can do. One of those techniques is in this great higher self guided meditation on YouTube that I like doing from time to time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huru_90omHM Basically it’s a very easy technique of putting your intention on breathing in love, light, and positive healing energy in on each inhale then on each exhale releasing any stale, negative energies, and anything that isn’t serving your highest good. It’s good to just sit in meditation and do this over for a couple minutes. This will cycle the energies and flow out stuck/old energies.

5.) Violet Flame of Transmutation – this method is more of transmuting the energy than moving it but it’s still very helpful. You can just imagine the violet flame cover every cell of your being and ask that the negative energies be transmuted into light & love or universal love & compassion. I usually will imagine the energy turning into a light pink color. I wrote a very detailed post about how to use the violet flame energy here: https://meashenu.com/using-violet-flame-magic/

6.) Physical Exercise – this is great for cycling energies and purging. When I had anger type emotions come up that were purging, running for me helped a lot. It really helped me burn off that anger and just let it go. I found it was much more difficult to get myself to exercise when more of the sad emotions/energies were needing to purge vs the more anger related ones. If you can still get yourself to exercise when the more sad types of emotions/energies come up that will really help too. Exercising is also great for just cycling energy through your body and getting the energy to flow.

7.) Writing – there was a good couple of months when I found myself writing one to two times a day. I filled up several notebooks and most of it was negative stuff. I just had to write out what I was going through or feeling. Once it was written then I could accept it and let go of it. I still do this when stuff comes up. I also found that during my writings my higher self would come through them frequently which was very helpful.

8.) Visualizing yourself utilizing water. I still do this A LOT. There are sacred type spots I go to energetically in meditation that have lots of water. This could be a pond, lake, ocean, waterfall, pool of water, utilizing rain, etc. My spot is a waterfall that has a pool of water and lots of crystals around. I have had other spots too that I created visually in my head to use. I will often imagine myself under the waterfall and with intention have anything that is no longer serving me be washed away and transmuted. When there’s a pool of water I will submerge myself fully into the water and just visualize kind of black/gray/darker type energies just coming out of me in the water then being transmuted to light. You can do this however you want, the main thing is to utilize water somehow.

9.) Handing over what you are going through to your guides. There were times when I would be going through some sort of purging and clearing and after I accepted and felt what I was going through, the last step I was able to visualize what I needed to release going into a crystal bowl and handed that over to my guides or soul group. This was always the last step for me if I was struggling getting through the last part of it. You can try this and just with intention hand things over to your guides.

10.) Resting and Relaxing – there were and still are times when I was going through various things that I simply just needed to rest. If you feel that’s what you need to do, don’t stress about doing anything else and just rest and relax in whatever way you feel is best for you.

I also want to note that sometimes I would try to clear or get rid of things I was feeling and that wasn’t what I needed to do. If you find yourself doing that and nothing is really happening, then it could be more of an acceptance thing. There have been times I have had to accept, feel, and assimilate what was going on, rather than kind of clear it and move it out. It could also be something else unique to you.

There’s MANY types of clearing and releasing negative energy techniques available out there. You can also check YouTube and test some different methods or do some more research online. Try searching “clear negative energy meditation” and different variations of that on YouTube and then see what methods they have you do in the meditation and if you like it. You may find something else that resonates with you, end up creating your own method, or modifying a method to tailor it to you that you find.

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