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Encinitas, Sedona, Dolphins & Whales July 2019


I had been trying to manifest a trip to Sedona for quite some time and it came through for me last month in July. The way it came about was getting back in touch with a childhood friend who also wanted to visit Sedona. He lives in Encinitas, California where I grew up (I grew up in Cardiff By The Sea right next to Encinitas) and I was able to stay there. I also found a $58 flight from Denver to San Diego which also made the trip possible for me. The trip ended up being two weeks and I received a lot (in fact I’m still receiving from that trip and will be for the next week or two).

I ended up arriving late at night on Thursday July 18th. The following day I woke up early and walked to the Meditation Gardens in Encinitas. My friend lives within walking distance to the meditation gardens and about a block or two away from Moonlight Beach. The meditation gardens is part of the self-realization fellowship created by Paramahansa Yogananda. The Encinitas location was where he wrote “The Autobiography of a Yogi” book. If you have not read that book before, check it out. It’s an amazing book that follows him all the way from childhood and all of these encounters with ascended master Yogis in India. He runs into ones with all sorts of abilities and is trained by ascended master Sri Yukteswar.

I was in a very high vibration the first day I was there and walking through Encinitas taking pictures. When I got to the meditation gardens I felt a very high frequency there. I was able to telepathically communicate to my main channeling guide that I recently made a connection to within the last month or two. I was able to do this without needing to write out on a phone, notebook, or computer. Whenever that happens and I can just telepathically have conversations going back and forth it’s a good sign I’m in a great place energetically. Being next to the beach/ocean was fantastic. I hadn’t been back there since I had my spiritual awakening in 2016.

You can see some of the Encinitas pictures below:

Later that night, my friend and I ended up going to another friend’s house. It was like a childhood reunion as they were friends of mine since elementary school and we used to play video games together at each other’s houses as kids. We played video games together that night too, so it brought back a lot of memories. It also brought back a lot of old timelines for me to close out and a lot of healing was brought up throughout the trip (and still ongoing) from childhood.

On Sunday my friend and I did Salvia, a psychedelic plant medicine that is legal in California that you can buy from the smoke shops/head shops. My friend was able to break through on it (breaking through on psychedelics to me means being able to go through the veil to another dimension or have an intense experience like that) and have an experience but I was not able to get there. We were only using a regular lighter and not a torch lighter like you are meant to, which I believe is the reason. Salvia when smoked you have to try to burn it much hotter to absorb it. What I did see with closed eyes was sort of like the same reality but hundreds to thousands of times over and over again. It was like a window pane with lots of window pains of the same room I was in and part of it was like I was in a reality of one page of a rolodex or a page of a book but then all of the other pages started turning and seeing the same thing in all of those too. I can’t say it was pleasant, but I was alright with it and it wasn’t a negative thing. Although I didn’t necessarily get the psychedelic experience I was hoping for, I was still able to open up more of my psychic channels before going to Sedona which was my goal.

The following day we drove to Sedona. On the way there we were lucky that driving all through Arizona we had cloud cover which helped keep the temperature down. The car we drove in did not have working air conditioning, so that was a big bonus. We arrived to Sedona around about 5pm or so Monday July 22nd 2019. Right when we arrived a lightning/thunder storm all over the place started up! It was incredible! There were these huge streaks of lightning that split off in several directions like a web. We went and setup right away nearby where we were staying on one of the trails near the Bell Rock Vortex to try to film some of the lightning. My friend has many cameras and we brought a few with us to film/take pictures while there. The lightning storm continued for a few hours and I felt such a strong activation and energy from it. We were able to get a couple videos with the lightning and will share those further down this post.

The following day I woke up early and walked to the Bell Rock vortex. Fortunately the hotel was within walking distance. It was a great spot! We had two full days to explore Sedona and within those 2 days we were able to visit all of the main vortexes and also the Red Rock State Park which was also very high energy and well worth it if you visit there.

There were many ups and downs for me on the Sedona trip. I had to learn a lot about expectation there. I was expecting things to happen that didn’t play out the way I wanted it to and had to learn that lesson. Expectation has been a bit of a confusing thing for me. On one end I fully believe in the Law of Attraction expectation methods. With Law of Attraction you expect miracles to happen and miracles then are attracted to you. You expect yourself to be wealthy and wealth is then attracted to you. But then there’s this other end of the spectrum where expectations are not serving the highest good of self. In those times the lessons or experiences are being guided to move more in the present, moment to moment, flow of things. When it’s that energy, having expectations just seems to play out into disappointment, judgements, and frustrations. I had originally wanted/expected that in Sedona I would have these incredible galactic/spiritual communications with my guides and that I would receive some guidance I had been wanting very much and to open up my channeling abilities further. But that isn’t what happened. My crown chakra ended up being shut down the entire time I was in Sedona and had to rely 90-95% on my Pendulum to get guidance while there. Which was very disappointing to me, but I knew throughout my time there that it was a lesson and I was continuously releasing and letting go of the frustrations and expectations I went about the trip. There were other frustrations that came up while there that I had to work through and release.

I still received a lot while there. Throughout the entire area of Sedona the energy felt much higher. It was sort of like this higher natural anti-depressant energy. It was overall just a much higher frequency than any place I have been so far in this lifetime. I can imagine that when I return there I will have a completely different experience. There’s so much to explore there that it would take some time to visit all the various trails available there. When I was at the Cathedral Vortex I reintegrated a past life as a medicine woman from one of the native American tribes. I had definitely been in the area of Sedona in the past. That was one of the few things I was able to get to come through being aware of consciously while there. I know that on higher dimensional levels I received a lot there, even if I am not aware of what all that was/is. So it was definitely worth it to visit. We had been lucky where it was raining a bit and had some cloud cover while there. During the middle of summer I would say isn’t the best time to visit there because of the heat.

Will share some pictures/videos from Sedona below:


After getting back from Sedona, I had to work Friday/Saturday online and those days went by pretty quickly, but don’t have anything significant to share other than one experience I had while smoking Marijuana. It was weird, after my last Ayahuasca ceremonies at the end of May, I used cannabis for the month of June as it was furthering to help activate a lot for me. I even had a spontaneous channeling of a dragon that was really intense while using cannabis to enhance meditations that month. When that happened it opened more of my channeling abilities and re-worked through the book called Opening To Channel by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. After going through that book I was able to connect to a main channeling guide that has worked with me in many lifetimes. I was also using cannabis to raise my frequency in order to get into the channeling state more clearly. But then I was able to receive clear guidance I could achieve a similar state through breathing techniques and quit cannabis again for a few weeks until I was on this trip.

The experience I want to share is a state that I was able to get to while smoking cannabis out of a bong. The first time I had smoked out of a bong in many years was when we did the salvia. When we got back and I smoked out of the bong I was able to get into a timeless state and meditated deeply. It felt like I did hours worth of spiritual work and when I came out of it only 10-15 minutes had passed. I hadn’t experienced a state like that in quite some time and was grateful for that opportunity.

The next thing that happened on the trip was on Sunday July 28th. My friend and I had ordered some Morning Glory seeds while in Sedona and decided to those for a psychedelic trip. Morning Glory seeds are legal to buy online on Amazon. When you ingest enough of them you can have a psychedelic trip, a full one with visualizations from the physical eyes and everything. We each took around 300 or so seeds. We used a mortar and pestle to crush them up, but that didn’t work as well as we were hoping. They aren’t the easiest thing to get down but we both did it. I had never done those before so I was looking forward to the experience. They take quite a while to take effect and there is a lot of nausea from them. Neither one of us vomited but we were pretty close to doing that a few times. After 2-3 hours they started to kick in more fully. My friend had a full on break through psychedelic trip with visuals and all sorts of things. He was able to see the geometry patterns in light and other things. His eyes were very dilated but mine weren’t nearly as much as his. I did not have the visuals much at all besides at one point looking into a mirror and seeing my head/face in 3 directions at once in the mirror. Aside from that I didn’t have any other open eyed visuals, but I had closed eyed ones. I had a lot of closed eyed visuals going on, but mostly it ended up being the exact same thing that I saw on Salvia. It’s a bit strange when 2 different plants give the exact same visions, as that has never happened before for me. So a lot of that was much more intense than salvia but seeing thousands of these realities but they were all exactly the same one, like split screens of the same thing. It wasn’t exactly fun or pleasant, but I knew there was a meaning to it that I would figure out at some point later on. When I had help looking into it when I got back from the trip it was a message that there are thousands or infinite ways to get to the same goal/location. So regardless of how I choose to go about things, I will ultimately get where I am meant to be. There were other closed eyed visuals I had but I don’t remember what they were. The Morning Glory experience lasted quite a while, but we were also amplifying the experience by smoking cannabis about 2-3 hours into the trip. The following day there was a bit of a comedown from it, but it was mostly just feeling really tired for me. So I rested that whole day. I didn’t feel bad though, it wasn’t like a hard drug comedown or anything like that, just more worn out from the experience. When smoking cannabis that day we also experienced some of the tripping effects come back. But the day after that I was completely back to a high energy and off of it. So it did stay in our system pretty strongly for about 24 hours. I also found out later that the reason I didn’t have visuals was because I didn’t take enough. I had done so much detoxing this year that my body is now metabolizing things like that much faster. I may try it again in the next couple of months and share that experience when I take more and see what sort of experience I get from it. Considering you can get about 1000 seeds on Amazon for $10 or less and it is a plant medicine, I’d like to play with it another time or two and see what I receive from it. I also felt like it helped prepare me further for my next 2 day Ayahuasca ceremonies later this month. So it should be interesting to see what comes from that. Since arriving back from the trip I haven’t used cannabis and don’t have any plans to unless I feel called to and it’s for spiritual purposes.

Tuesday July 30th we ended up going to Cardiff by The Sea and we drove by the house I grew up in. Then we drove through the town and went to the lagoon there, the San Elijo Lagoon. Driving by my house and the town I could feel so much coming to a close, all sorts of chapters (in the akashic records I believe) closing out old timelines. It felt needed and very healing. That lagoon was significant to me due to a spiritual experience I had there when I was meditating there late at night while on Ecstasy when I was 18 years old. I remember meditating there next to the water and seeing in my mind’s eye me going up into these white clouds, so happy and so much of a high vibration. Then I remember feeling like a magnet sitting there and pulling all sorts of things to me. The fish in the lagoon started swimming to me and all started jumping right in front of me in the water. Then I felt/heard incidents and rodents coming through the brush toward me too. It freaked me out and I ran out of there, but I never forgot the experience. And when I returned to the lagoon this time, there were all these fish jumping out of the water. My friend was able to record on video one or two of them (it was really hard for us to get them on video since they would keep jumping at different places). I’ll share one of those clips of the fish jumping below. But overall I felt like being there at that lagoon again helped reintegrate that experience from when I was 18 and helped bring something back in that I had left there out of fear when that happened.

Dolphins & Whales

The last day of my trip was the most special to me. It was July 31st and I had wanted to go on a dolphin/whale tour boat to see what would happen. I had mentioned it the previous day and knew I was being guided to have that experience. Somewhere between about 9am-11am that day I convinced my friend to do the experience with me and found a place in Oceanside that still had openings that day for the 2:30pm 2 hour dolphin and whale trip. We ended up each buying a ticket. I can’t remember if I went to the meditation gardens in Encinitas before we booked the tickets or after, but I went there before noon that day. While meditating there I connected to the dolphin consciousness energy and felt a huge surge of energy come into my auric field. I’ve felt that energy multiple times before when connecting to them so I knew it was them. I asked them to visit me and gave a sort of telepathic image and info where I’d be going out in Oceanside. So I felt pretty confident that I was going to see dolphins for sure, but due to the lessons of expectation I learned in Sedona put that aside. I put myself in more of a state that even if I don’t see any dolphins or whales with my physical eyes on the trip, I’d still receive a lot from them energetically and get to be out on the Pacific Ocean to receive activations.

Cut to the trip and it was an amazing experience. First we saw a small group of all male dolphins that were hunting and they weren’t interested in socializing with us. But not long after that directly out in the water a ways from Carlsbad we ran into a huge group of dolphins. There ended up being about 500 of them!! They were swimming with the boat and jumping out of the water and everything. We have a bunch of video I will share below.

On top of that we also saw 1 humpback whale and 2 blue whales, both rare sightings too. I’m not sure if anyone got footage/photos of the humpback whale but there were photos/videos of the blue whales. One of those my friend was able to get a better close up than I got. I will share the one I filmed too and you can see them in the distance a bit.

After I returned home to Colorado I felt really off for a couple days. I found out it was because I was still bi-locating and a big part of me was still swimming around with the dolphins and whales receiving more activations, channeling abilities, and more. I still haven’t pulled that part of me back yet, as that part of me will still be staying with them out in the ocean for the next week or two to receive a lot more. I was able to connect/link up to that aspect of me so I could be in both places simultaneously without a disconnect like I was experiencing before which was greatly effecting me. It’s amazing that I am experiencing that still and a so grateful for that and the rest of the trip. If you ever get a chance to go out and see the dolphin and whales I highly recommend it. It’s a magical experience!

Here are the videos/pics of the dolphins and whales:


Overall I had an amazing journey on this trip and learned a lot, while still receiving from it. I had been fairly reclusive the last few years while devoting myself to my healing journey and helping others via distance healing, but now that has started to shift. I will be traveling more and being around people in person further from this point while also moving into a space where I will be doing in person healing work. So I’m very excited for what’s to come the next few months!

Love & Light







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