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Energy Clearing, Protection, & Cord Cutting Techniques


Here’s some of the Clearing, Protection, & Cord Cutting Techniques I use. You don’t have to ever do it the exact same way, you can use part of it and make it your own or create something yourself that you like.


1.) I just started doing this clearing after every session I do with someone. I visualize sound frequencies vibrating and breaking up any energy in the whole room and my being. This helps shake free any stuck negative energy. Then have rainbow rain drops coming down into the room all over and imagine a drain in the middle of the floor. Then will visualize vortexes in the room just spinning and clearing everything and then going down into the drain.

2.) You can set intentions to clear the whole space and ask that the elements (wind, water, fire, earth) come in to help clear, then light a candle or candles.

3.) Water & fire energies are good for clearing as well. You can use violet flame or any flame or water energies in whatever ways you want to visualize it.

4.) You can use a gold sheet of energy. I have run into other people that use gold sheets or curtains of energy to clear spaces too. Generally I will use a big sheet and put intention that the sheet of energy is sticky or magnetic and all the lower energies, entities, implants etc just stick to it. Then will bring all 4 corners of the sheet together inward and tie it and ask that it be transmuted to love and light. You can visualize a huge sheet and generally when I clear the property it will go about 100 ft below the ground and a half a mile above ground.

I will ask higher self/guides/archangels and whoever to also assist me with clearings that I do. So I visualize what I’m doing but they also help at same time.

Remember to clear your crystals, cards, pendulums, and any other tools you use too after each reading/healing. Even when you do your own self readings with cards you can clear energy each time, then put your energy into the cards for that present moment you are reading.


1.) This one was shared with me. You create a mirror around your body, shiny side facing out. Inside of the mirror add light pink energy. On the outside of mirror add a layer of 24 karat gold energy, about 3-6 inches thick. Then add a violet flame energy layer on the outside of the gold. Expand the mirror to arms length. This one set up so you can put intentions to transmute negative energy coming at you from someone/something and then it’s reflected and goes back to them as love/light energy.

Creating a mirror around you is a popular barrier because it is effective. You can come up with your own uses too.

2.) Another barrier that was natural for me was a vortex barrier of transmutation energy. This way any energies coming into me just get caught in the vortex and end up below me into the Earth and are transmuted.

3.) I ask the star Aestarm that I have mentioned here before for protection as well. Very powerful protection.

4.) Expand a ball of white love/light energy out from your heart into a big sphere all around your body and ask Archangel Michael to protect it from all sides (front, back, left, right, above, below). I really like this one.

5.) I have used a rainbow colored bubble of energy around my body too. I generally used this one a lot when I would be going through negative stuff and didn’t want my negative thoughts going to other people. Like working out something with a certain person and having negative thoughts about them etc. So I would set it that those types of thoughts never leave my bubble so I didn’t have to worry about sending bad energy to someone. So it was more setting it so that only good intentions/energy was allowed to leave the bubble.

6.) There is this oil that we used to use in Atlantis and Egypt called Ibus. It was a physical healing oil that was created during astrological alignments and had the energy of the divine feminine and divine masculine in perfect harmony. I use this oil energetically by referring to the name Ibus and imagining the oil going over my being. It makes it harder for entities to latch onto you. It can also reveal hidden entities and implants.

7.) Just ask your own higher self, guides, and soul groups of love/light to protect you. I do that on top of other methods and kind of just combine them. Specifically ask your guides to protect you when you sleep and protect your dreams too.

Cutting Cords

1.) Visualize a big hollowed out circular metal cylinder with the ends open on top and bottom. Then visualize the cylinder above your head and have it come down so your body is inside a big cylinder. While it comes down you put intentions on it cutting all cords. When its stopped, then visualize two sharp thin flat metal pieces going across the top and bottom areas of the cylinder horizontally and cutting cords too. Put intention/visualize the ends of the cords you cut being filled with love and light. Sometimes there ends up being big hooks in you. So visualize hooks straightening out and then being pulled out of you and being transmuted to love/light.

2.) Ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords for you.

For cord cutting I ask that both incoming cords and outgoing cords are cut. So anyone I have latched onto that I’m not consciously aware of, those cords get cut too. Just about everyone does this, especially to family and friends without realizing it. Just good to have cord cutting a regular routine and you will notice a big difference.

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