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Etheric Implant Removal & Healing


This service is to meant to assist with removing Etheric Implants. I have a team of spirit guides that specialize in this area and we are efficient at this. The session will normally run 15-20 minutes. After the implant(s) are removed then healing energies will be applied to where they were removed. Often times these implants leave some damage where they were and the area needs time to recover and heal. Although this session is 15-20 minutes, if it feels like we need to continue past that time then I will keep going until we are done, regardless of how long it ends up being. This entire removal and healing service comes from my heart with the highest intentions of love.

At the moment I cannot guarantee that every implant throughout your entire being will be removed. I will mainly be focusing on the active ones and the ones causing the issues at present. I will of course do my best to remove all of them. This also doesn’t guarantee that you will not get more implants in the future. There are many etheric attacks happening right now and many of them have the goal of putting these things in you (from what I’ve experienced anyway). I’m working on being able to provide a more permanent solution to help in the near future and will have more information about that soon.

Please Provide (All Optional, I will work with whatever info you are comfortable giving me):

  • Your Name
  • Photo (I highly prefer to have a recent picture for this specific service)
  • Please also provide as much information about the situation as you can, if you don’t have any info that’s ok too.

For this healing please request it by contacting me here: https://meashenu.com/contact/ or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Implants are generally very small and come in MANY different forms as well. They are much trickier to see and some of the ones going around right now appear to be invisible. I have a specialized energy I can use that helps these ones be seen so we can remove them.

Some symptoms from Etheric Implants:

  • Feeling very negative thoughts, feeling negative thoughts about yourself and having doubts and fears you didn’t use to have. It’s like something is whispering & taunting all of these negative things in your ear. Suicidal thoughts & depression can be caused by these as well.
  • Feeling blocked or feeling like there is interference in your spiritual work, such as meditating or connecting to your higher self and spirit guides.
  • Major energy blocks, there can be all sorts of blocks in your energies that cause numerous amounts of issues.
    Physical issues such as pains, old injuries coming back up, and weird things happening on or in your body.
  • Medical like issues. There may be things you keep going to the doctor to get checked out for and they keep telling you there’s nothing wrong with you. This could be caused by an implant.
  • There are numerous other reasons & symptoms from implants and they are consistently changing as well, so you could be experiencing other symptoms not listed here.

Sometimes there are side effects that can last 24-48 hours. More rare cases the side effects can last longer. These are good signs as it means things are being unblocked and healing is taking place.

Energy Healing isn’t meant to replace your doctor visits, treatments, or medications of any medical conditions you have or may need to get checked out for. Although I use the highest intentions to help heal the source of any physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual conditions & traumas, there are never any guarantees. All healing & energy sessions are a person to person basis and can vary greatly. Some people may feel nothing at all while others may feel intense waves of energy that feels amazing and helps them immediately. The Energy can continue to work for hours, days, weeks, or months after just one session and you end up noticing it later on in various shifts and changes in your life.