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Energy Update – Full Moon January 31st


I decided to play around with an oracle deck and pull 3 cards for the energy update today.

The first card I pulled was CHALLENGES

There have been many challenges for all of us up till this point in time and this is a perfect opportunity to feel into this and let everything go and be released for healing. This may come in the form of initiations, tests, relationships, and what it says on the card – fears, blocks, negativity, & betrayals. Whatever the form it is for you, purging and releasing these now will help move to the next phase. The same is happening globally as these things are in the collective consciousness and being healed. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and remember that we all one experiencing what we are for spiritual growth & because we chose to. Ask that the full moon/eclipse energies pour through your cells and being and release what is ready to go for you.

The second card is ILLUMINATION

After the challenges have been released, a new path of illumination awaits. This will be different for each of us on our unique individual paths. Collectively there is a lot of movement in the energies and work that has been put in up till this point. The abundance that has been told and promised to us is closer than it has ever been before, but still requires manifestation and some ground work. Follow the path of light and unconditional love. Envision world peace, unconditional love, and the light of Source washing over the planet so all can awaken the light within and come back into oneness.

The 3rd card is ROOT PORTAL

The Root Chakra is our foundation for our energies and stability. Collectively we need to remember to ground ourselves into Gaia’s core and have our roots remain strong in the energies that Gaia is always ready to share with us. I can also see this representing a new foundation being built for us. The wet concrete of that foundation has already been poured and as it hardens we will be able to keep building collectively to co-create & experience the new world full of unconditional love, light, and peace. A world where we are all interacting with the other communities such as the fairies, animals, plants, crystals, elementals, and underground colonies such as Agartha & Telos. You can ask that the energies clear out your root chakra and release that all energies there that are no longer serving your highest good are let go of and transmuted. From time to time remember to check your Earth chakra as well, the one beneath your feet and ask for clearing and healing there as well.

Additional Info

My guides are showing me bridges, lots of bridges. These bridges are very magical, colorful, and seem to sparkle. These bridges are between all of us and go from one heart to another. We are all connected (Oneness) at all times and remembering and utilizing these connections we have to each other and having those bridges light back up again can be life changing. You can go into your heart space and ask that these connections be reactivated, strengthened, and lead you where you are to go next in your journey. This may be to a new friendship, a new love interest, a new career, hobby, wisdom, or even to another realm in meditation. Where you will be lead is unique to you. Remaining Heart centered in all of our communication and spiritual work is an important reminder. I always connect to my guides inside my heart space, as that is a space that negative energies cannot infiltrate and I know that when a guide or higher self appears to me there, that they are trustworthy and of love and light with my highest interests in mind. Remember to always put your attention and intention on your heart space in your readings and healings, whether you are receiving or giving.


When reconnecting with souls and friends from other life times, there is an exercise I did in 2017 that helped me. You can go into meditation and ask your higher self and guides to assist you. Then ask that all negative soul contracts you have be finished/terminated. On top of that, the part that really worked for me was asking that the soul contracts be rearranged in a more harmonious way for my highest good. When that was done there was an image of the contracts lit up and they were kind of singing and glowing. It was not long after I asked for that to happen that new people entered my life from other lifetimes I knew. It was a very natural thing and now I have reconnected with many friends & soulmates from other lifetimes and dimensions that are incarnated here at this time. Feel free to use this technique yourself and see what changes come for you.

Love & Light 🙂



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