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Entering The Sacred Heart Space & Sacred Liver Space


There are two sacred spaces that I would like to discuss today. The Heart space and Liver space. I’d say that both of these are applicable to everyone and not just unique to a few. If you haven’t explored these areas, I’d start with the Heart space first. Then later on after you get that down you can move to the liver space.

Sacred Heart Space

Entering the sacred heart space is an amazing experience. You end up feeling so much love & energy that you forgot was there. For me, my sacred heart space is a huge space that has many rooms, a library, a huge forest, I can see the stream of Source energy in there, I have met my soul/higher self in there, seen my guides & soul group in there, and a lot more. How yours looks and what it’s like will be unique to you. I entered my space for the first time a while ago and I’m still exploring. It always helps me with healing and raising my vibration when I go there as well.

The Heart space is a place you’ve been to countless times. You may have not been there while aware of it in this lifetime, but it’s a place you’ve spent a lot of time. So it’s a very familiar type of feeling getting back in there.

The first time I went in my Heart space was when I read the book by Drunvalo called Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart. I highly recommend reading that book if you are able to. He really explains some great methods for first entering the Heart space and does it in steps that you can work on. One of the first steps in the book teaches you how to move your soul from the pineal gland then move it around in your body and then go back to that spot. After you get the hang of that there’s other steps that follow including a method called the Unity Breath. The book also comes with a CD with the audio meditation. He gives 2 methods for entering the Heart Space, the female way & the male way. There are also meditations of each of those on YouTube if you search “Enter the heart space meditation” type searches.

That of course isn’t the only way to enter the space, so you can find other methods & create your own. I sometimes will just imagine being in an elevator going down into the Heart space or just entering a portal to go in there. There are also meditations on YouTube and other meditations out there that have you enter the Heart space as well.

At some point in the near future I will put out my own meditation for entering the Heart space as well, so you can look out for that.

Entering The Sacred Liver Space

The liver space was shared with me a little while ago. Once you enter the Heart space, you can use whatever method you use for that to also enter the Sacred Liver Space. This space is a place I go to specifically for soul knowledge. It’s a completely different looking space than my Heart space and I go there to connect to get downloads from my Higher Self, mostly soul related. So if you feel you are looking to remember information, abilities, and that type of information, you can enter that space and it can come back to you. It could be a much different experience for you as well, so you will have to check it out when you are ready to.


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