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Feel The Love To Shift Out of Negative Thoughts/Emotions


Many are experiencing roller coastering and slipping back into negative thought patterns at this time. Below is a technique you can use to shift out of this.

Go into your heart and connect with your soul. You can visualize this by imagining yourself flying or moving forward into your heart (you can picture a ball of energy or a portal where the heart is). Once inside the heart you can then visualize a giant star in the very core of your being. The star represents your soul. Travel into the star and take some time to feel your own soul. Feel the power and the energy that is you.

While in that space, shift into feeling the frequency of love. The unconditional divine love that is within you and a part of your being always. Continue to focus on feeling the frequency of love. I also like to connect to God and feel the love of God/Source as part of this too.

Once you are feeling the frequency of love in that space, expand that frequency out and all around you in a big ball, encompassing all of your cells, DNA, energy bodies, chakras and auric field. Then specifically put the intention that you send this love through your thoughts to shift the thoughts into love and to clear out or alter the negative thoughts into positive ones. You can visualize strings of the negative thoughts coming out of your head.

From there send this love into your pineal gland, 3rd eye chakra, and the 3rd eye forehead spot between the eyebrows. Allow the love to clear all illusions and put the intention that you are now switching to a lens to see through the eyes of love.

Put your attention back on the ball of love encompassing your whole being and sit in that love.

Love heals all. Love attracts Love.

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