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Full Moon Energy Energy Reading & Intuitive Message August 26th 2018


What is best to work on or understand today?

The card I pulled for this is the Stibnite Crystal card that represents Conflict. Keep your awareness up for thoughts, energies, and patterns in your life that are conflicting with each other. What arguments and conflicts are inside of you that are holding you back? Meditate and pay attention to what comes up for you during these energies and ask that the light guide you through it. When you alter/heal a perception involved in conflict, you change your entire reality.

If the conflict is external than take a look at how you are contributing to it. What lesson can you gain from it? You may need to pull yourself away from it to reflect to see what is best for you to do. Conflict can be a huge catalyst for change and opportunity for transformation.

Conflicts may also arise from shifting through various vibrational frequencies and timelines which can feel like rollercoastering (ups and downs). Trust your intuition as to what is the best way to approach this as it comes up for you.

What is best to work on or understand as the next step through the full moon energy?

The card I pulled for this is the Dioptase Crystal card that represents Heart Healing. After you have healed any conflict you are holding onto, then heart healing will take place. Your heart is the core of our being, our essence, and is the key and doorway to our ascension. Moving from your head/mind and living through your heart. Throughout many lifetimes and this lifetime the heart has gone through a lot of traumatic experiences and lessons. Tune into your heart space and heart chakra. Ask your higher self and guides to assist you with what your heart is wanting to heal at this point in your journey. Really feel into your heart space and feel the love and light pour into it, being healed on all dimensional levels and throughout all of time and space.

Alternatively if you have already done a great amount of healing in your heart, then now is a time to go deeper into your heart space with divine love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Find even more of your light in there and expand it out all around you and even far enough in all directions to surround the entire planet with that love and light.

Additional Intuitive Message for the Full Moon

Every full moon offers an opportunity to receive new downloads, upgrades, healing, activations, messages, and to be able to anchor the energies into the planet and collective consciousness to help all. Sit in meditation and put intention on connecting to the full moon energy. Feel/visualize/put intention that the energy comes down through your upper chakras down into your crown chakra. Pour the energy through your entire being and continue to see it go all the way down into the crystal core of Gaia. Also put intention that the energies help the collective & flow where they need to on the planet. Then see that energy continuously flow in you and all the way down. Your higher self and guides will assist with the flow of energy and anchoring the energy. Doing this for even just 5-10 minutes (although 20-30 minutes would be ideal) every full moon can bring a lot of the energy in for yourself with what you are needing at that moment, as well as greatly benefit Gaia and the collective.


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