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Grounding-Channeling Intense Spiritual Awakening Energy


When I first started going through my awakening there was a lot of energy running through me. The thing that triggered my awakening ended up feeling like a lightning bolt of spiritual energy / Source Energy was running through me. Then that whole following week it was to the point that if I wasn’t grounding it, my legs and feet would start hurting. This is also similar to Kundalini Awakenings. I’ve also seen some people that unlocked or tapped into something they weren’t ready for yet and didn’t know how to deal with the energy properly. Below are some methods for grounding that energy if you are experiencing that. I will try to follow up with more techniques in future posts!


2.) Make sure you connect below to the crystal core of the Earth and whatever you connect to above (I just connect to the sun) with cords or roots of light, you may need to make the cords and roots bigger and add more of the depending on how intense the energy is. I also sometimes just imagine myself as a big tree of light and connect roots down into the Earth and use the branches to connect above to the Sun. What I have been doing is connect into  the Earth and then imagine the energy (pink) coming back up through my feet and then going up through Kundalini and also Chakra’s all the way up, then cycle that energy up to the sun and back down. Then I imagine the light coming from above from the Sun (blue energy) into my crown chakra down through all the other chakra’s, then down into the crystal core of the Earth and back through the feet and chakra’s/kundalini tube. This creates a complete loop of the energies from below and above and I feel a lot of energy/vibrations just doing that one thing. You can imagine this as an Infinity loop with your Heart Chakra/Heart as the intersecting/center point. This completes a complete cycle of the energies so they don’t get stuck.

The other thing I have done sometimes, when I have done big healings I actually get charged up with so much source energy, my body shakes it’s vibrating so intensely. When that happened I just visualized all energy flowing down into the Earth, I was standing, then I took big breaths and kind of just put my hands/arms over my head and then slowly brought them down, with hands/palms face down like I was pushing the energy down into the Earth. I did that for about 5 minutes and was able to ground most of it.

3.) Grounding Stones – Get some Apache Tears / Black Obsidian

I put a bunch in little pouches then put the pouches in my socks. This was really helpful as it seemed like my feet/legs got hit the hardest and were really sore due to the energy going through. You can also carry some in your pockets and when you go to sleep put them in between your mattress and box spring and still imagine the energy cycling into the Earth.

4.) Balance your Chakra’s 1-2 times per day.
5.) Exercise… when I had that much energy flowing… even when I was sore I still forced myself to run. Running will help that energy get grounded and help a lot with it.


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