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Live Out of Your Heart Space Tips & Techniques


Here are some tips, techniques, and info on how to start feeling more love and light from your heart space. This will help you put your attention on your heart and not be stuck in your head all of the time. We are moving into a time where we truly will love out of our hearts. We will communicate with each other via our heart space & live as beings out of this space. It’s quite amazing when you can start feeling this for yourself.

1.) Imagine wrapping your ego/mind in a ball of light that goes out of your head and sits on your shoulder, then focus your intention on your heart. While doing that you can visualize and put intention on love energy coming down through the crown chakra and love energy coming in through your breath and going into your heart.

2.) Also I AM statements are good while focusing on your heart. I meditate then imagine bright gold and white light coming from my heart and expanding out and keep expanding out so that it radiates from me and everything around me. While doing this I repeat I AM THAT I AM, I AM ETERNAL, I AM DIVINE, I AM LIGHT, I AM LOVE, I AM FREE, I AM CREATIVE, I AM POWERFUL, I AM BLESSED, I AM MAGICAL. You can add in whatever ones you want or take out whatever ones, then I repeat but do WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE LOVE, etc.

3.) I also ask my guides, higher self, and soul group to send love to my heart space and expand it out through my body and into the world. I generally send them love first.

4.) One of the best ways and one of the things that is life changing is being able to get into your Sacred Heart Center / Soul Temple. You move your consciousness into your heart. The first time I did it from the methods in this book Living in the Heart: How to Enter Into the Sacred Space Within the Heart by Drunvalo. After that I was able to enter in various ways with mostly intention and visualization. Getting in my heart space was like entering my own world where my soul was, I am able to talk to my guides, soul group, higher self, and connect to source easily in there. As well as access my copy of akashic records and all sorts of other things. You feel an insane amount of love energy by getting in there.

5.) Lastly learning how to invoke the violet flame energy and transmuting the energies in and around you always help raise your vibration as well. You can do your own research on that and you can ask Saint Germain for assistance if needed.


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