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Lumerian Support Group Message & Healing With Sol


I recently made a connection to a Lumerian Support Group of guides, which I will begin channeling messages from on a regular basis within the next month or two. I asked if they had any messages at this time and was shown a totem pole specifically looking at the top of the totem pole where the top piece/aspect had big wings and the sunlight was shining all around it. The message I get from this is that many of us have worked our way through a lot other/lower aspects and during this time it’s time to connect with our highest aspect of self, our highest self and build that connection to remind us further of who we are and to express more of our divine light out into the world. I was also shown some of those big stone statues on Easter Island and the message that ancient knowledge and memories that are buried are resurfacing. Also that other buried aspects/areas of ourselves that we haven’t dealt with will be surfacing and be shown to us to heal.

This message lines up really well with what I experienced in my meditation just a little bit ago before I received the message. I will share my experience below.

When I was starting my meditation today and was connecting down into Gaia’s core and then connecting into the core of our sun Sol, when I reached Sol there was a message to come back after I was done with my process. I then traveled back into the core of Sol and he wanted to help assist me with some healing. He was going to shine his bright light on certain areas of me to point them out and help. First I saw these strands of energy and there was a darker strand. I felt like it was an old negative thought pattern or something similar. I saw Sol light that up and then we reprogrammed that strand into one of love, harmony, peace, positive reinforcement, and saw some light language go into it as well. There was a couple of other strands that this was done for. Then I asked Sol to light up any buried, dark holes of old negative energy within me. I was able to see his light start pouring into this big black hole of energy somewhere deep within. Then saw a few other pockets of energy where the same thing happened and we worked on shifting/transmuting those energies. After that I invited my inner child there and asked Sol to do the same thing for that aspect of me. I saw there were dark holes that the light was pouring into, and saw a big snake, then another big snake be pulled out of him and transmuted by the energy of the star we were in. I wasn’t sure if those were actual entities or symbolism of shedding old energies and transformation, which snakes can represent. Either way it felt really good.

You can can also connect into Sol and do this process or a similar one and see what you experience!


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