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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Message from Thoth


I was messing around with a bit of chanting then drew a light language drawing that was more simplistic compared to others lately and felt the full moon/eclipse was representing the heart chakra.

After the drawing I connected to Thoth and a message came through which is below:

What you have been doing with the combination of chanting first, then drawing has helped raise your vibration. When you do that, you end up putting yourself in a state that it is easier to receive messages from us. We encourage others to do the same if they are wanting to receive messages in a stronger way.

With the full moon/lunar eclipse there will be some heart chakra expansions. These expansions can help you feel more connected and spread the light and energy out. This is also a great time to look at doing additional clearings and releasing regarding old connections that you have already cleared before but are still hanging on or connections that it is time to let go of to move forward. If you have done cord cutting, past life clearings, and various other forms of healing around those types of connections, but still find yourself stepping back into those memories and feelings, that is a good sign to set your intention to release that once more.

Putting yourself into a state or receiving will help us bring energies into your being that are needed to continue to release, upgrade, and heal. The cells and energy centers are being rebuilt/upgraded and will have many more geometric patterns to the energy. You can also ask that your merkaba be upgraded at this time and you can see a lot of different colored light and shapes come in. Each person individually will receive downloads and upgrades that they are ready for at this time.

The eclipse/full moon energetics, as well as the Lion’s Gate energy help boost your communication/telepathic abilities. This is a good time to go deeper into your connections with your higher selves and guides that will permanently increase the communication level. Before you begin to communicate, see/feel yourself merge with your higher self energy, step into your higher self energy so that you are embodying as much of it as you can hold. Then see if you are getting clearer information when you ask for messages.

These energetic gateways are great for manifestation. Write out what you are wanting to create in your life, make a vision board, hold the vision, do your crystal and other magical rituals. Call in your higher selves, ascended masters, archangels, and other beings of light to assist with boosting your manifestations.

Your magical knowledge is coming back in at this time as well. You may feel guided to do a type of ritual or work with energy in a magical way to help you create what you are wanting to. If you already do rituals, be open to allowing new information to come in to adapt/experiment with them in new & different ways. Some of you will be having dreams where you have powers and magical abilities during this time. That is a good indication that you are receiving download of information regarding magic. Call in your magical guides and teachers to assist you.

Studying sacred geometry and absorbing the imagery can help trigger ancient knowledge within each of you as well. This is encouraged as manipulating reality can become easier when you are in tune with the geometric configuration of the energies you are living in. The Flower of Life books & materials are available for that reason and you can also watch different sacred geometry videos on YouTube and that will help those downloads occur. Even if you are more advanced on your spiritual path, there are still additional levels to explore regarding sacred geometry that will come in for you, to go further with your understanding & usage.

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