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Magic Mushroom Experience December 2019


I had been trying to manifest mushrooms for about 6 months, maybe longer this year. I had only done them once when I was 17 years old and wanted to do them again ever since. The last week of November I was able to let go completely of my manifestations and then they started all coming in quick. One of those that came in was some mushrooms. I was asked to share more about what I did to let go and surrender in order to have things shift. But there’s not much I can really share as far as a technique. With surrendering and letting go, it happens when you are ready to have it happen. For me I had to reach a breaking point… and even break, then from that point I was able to let go completely, have major realizations and breakthroughs. So my breaking point/breaking lead to a breakthrough.

I did the mushrooms the same night I got them on December 1st of this month. Was way too cold and too much ice was still on the ground to do them in nature so I just decided to get a hotel room and do them at an inn I have stayed at before. When I looked at the room number it was 110, which is significant as that’s my birthdate. I didn’t have a scale but it was probably 3 to 3.5 grams of mushrooms. I had set up a crystal grid in the room and activated the space to a higher frequency. Then put my hands over the mushrooms and activated them to their fullest potential and set my intention for spiritual exploration for my highest good. Just munched them and washed them down with an orange juice chaser. They were the gold caps (golden teachers).

It didn’t take too long for them to start to kick in, think I ended up taking them at about 10pm or so. Started with the body high feeling. I tuned in and connected to the spirit of the mushrooms. When I did that I had a clear closed eye visual of 3 big mushrooms on a grassy hill that had eyes and were smiling, moving back and forth like they were dancing. I talked to the spirit for a bit.

The visuals started and lasted a couple hours for me, but with the gold caps the visuals weren’t weren’t too intense. It was more than if I stopped moving and focused on something I would start to see it like it was breathing and then would see the geometric makeup of it. I had my double terminated quartz crystal with me that night and seeing all the geometry that was inside it was beautiful. This crystal has been my main special crystal, but it’s also been evolving with me. When I got it, it didn’t have any rainbows in it, and now it has several. When I was on mushrooms I was able to see all the other rainbows I couldn’t see with my naked sober eyes. There were rainbows and geometric patterns all throughout the crystal. I talked to it and said I was thankful for it being my friend and on the journey with me.

The rest of the experience I listened to various music, stayed in a high vibration, which I think helped me hold a more permanent higher vibration. There were a lot of confirmations I had too. Such as a big confirmation that a lot of what I was trying to manifest was right in front of me and easily accessible if I would have just released the control and allowed these things to flow. Taken very small actions that would result in the manifestation coming to fruition. Was a lot of being in the I AM God/Presence embodiment experience and reminders of that. Later in the night I had turned off the music and just sat in meditative reflection that helped me come to some other realizations at the time.

At some point in the experience, I believe it was around midnight, there was a big reset timeline shift for me too. The internet and everything shut off and felt this big reset/shift and then a few minutes after that happened it started working again.

I had a big completion confirmation on them as well. In December 2008-January 2009 I hit my biggest rock bottom (I have had several major rock bottoms). My rock bottom was me having been drinking and do so many drugs for such a long continuous binge that it was all a blur of darkness and shadows. I would have grand mal seizures and keep drinking, was doing cocaine, benzos, and all sorts of other pills. But my drug of choice was alcohol. My rock bottom ended with me being stabbed in the top of the head with a meat cleaver over drugs, evicted from my apartment in downtown Denver, and then eventually agreeing to go to rehab for the first time (went a couple times). The night before I went into rehab decided to of course get drunk, do cocaine, pills, and then got a brand on my forearm with the drug dealer I had living with me. The brand on my forearm ended up being the infinity symbol (thankfully, looking back I can see spirit intervened on that one and was probably like “oh if this idiot is getting a brand we should at least help make sure it’s something good”).

The day before I got the mushrooms I had done a final clearing/releasing around that rock bottom time in Denver. Over the last few years I had to do a lot of writing about that and quite a lot of work to heal through all of that and more of my past addictions/shadows. I kept getting messages about Denver and figured out it was that. So did a final clearing that tied up all that and pulled the rest of the negative/super shadowy energy out of the brand/symbol on my forearm. The next day was December 1st where I met up with a soul sister in Denver and was able to get the mushrooms. So the day after I did the final clean up I was back in Denver and being there helped with the final touches.

At some point during the night, later on in my mushroom experience I looked at the TV in the room. It had the infinity symbol. I took this as a great final confirmation that the final clearing/healing from that period was done and now the infinity symbol on my arm can be a positive thing moving forward.

So it all unfolded perfectly as these things are meant to. Had a great experience on mushrooms and the sacred plant medicines continue to play a wonderful supporting/healing/activating role in my ascension journey.

The crystal pic and pic of my arm is from the night I had the experience.






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