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Magic Mushrooms Experience October 28th 2020


I ate some mushrooms earlier this evening. It was more of a light trip, only a couple of hours. But after 40 minutes of eating them I felt them coming on and tuned in and had the experience I was meant to have.

First thing I saw was a very angry cat woman, snarling and furious in front of me. She was very angry and upset with me. I brought in a lot of pink light and love and hugged her in love until she lay in front of me and she was happy and fell asleep next to me.

Then I saw a woman with her throat slit and slashed and black goo and darkness came from her , but when looking into that darkness through the throat there was a shadow being through it/inside it. Through the shadow being I see a human brain. All of this was in black and white, no color. I went inside of it all and vibrated love and healing to all of it and expanded it out. It was likely my own darkness or shadows leading to the brain and connected to the brain. It reminded me of when I had my intense awakening in 2016, the same month I did a couple of healings as my healing gifts opened. During those healings I would be able to see clearly where the negative energy was and go inside of the negative energy and then heal it from within. When I would do that my eyes would vibrate like they were trying to process a lot of information. I was told by a guide tonight that my eyes don’t do that anymore because now I am acclimated to handling that type of information and can process it without eyes vibrating like that.

After that a jaguar/tiger appeared and showed me / gave me information revealing fears I still held. Some were fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of being true self, & fear of shadows/the dark. And I felt much healing take place around that.

The tiger then told me I was going to go through a grand awakening/emergence and lead me up and up to this thin layer, a membrane. On one side he was holding the colors like normal but on the other side of this membrane it was cosmic, stars, rainbow, crystalline, pure love. It was like one world/dimension like our reality and the other side through the membrane was this higher plane of existence.

The tiger went through it first and I was seeing as his head reached the other side it was all rainbow plasma and higher dimensional energy. I started to go through the membrane to get to the other side. This membrane was thick and it was stripping away all that could not come with me. All the old. My head went through first and I was able to see again clearly, the beauty and light. And took some time for the rest of me to go through and I felt a lot of energy in my body. Once through I felt like I was in a rainbow crystalline form.

There was a female guide with me helping me through the experience as well. I could hear her voice clearly. She was talking to me and calling me Matthew a lot. When I had my head through the membrane I was thinking about grabbing my phone to start writing the experience for my notes haha. She said Matthew you can write about it later, have this experience now. Like she was kind of shaking her head haha. But I received guidance and support from her through the experience until it was complete.

After that experience the mushrooms started on the first stage where I could see the veins and things in the hands, looking at the palms of the hands. After a little while the walls were moving when I would look at them. Shifting in and out like they were breathing and moving back and forth. And then they wore off shortly after.

I also received some downloads about love which will come out in another article/post in the next couple of days.

Very grateful to the experience and looking forward to seeing how it unfolds further.

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