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Methods I’ve Used To Raise My Vibration


There are many ways to raise your vibration. There are so many paths for each of us to get to where we ultimately will get to that we have a lot of options. I will include what has worked for me and include some other suggestions as well.

1.) Meditation – fortunately for me I’ve spent so many lifetimes doing spiritual work including many lifetimes where I didn’t do much besides meditate for those entire lives. So meditation has always come easy for me and can’t see it will ever be difficult for me again in any lifetime. For others it may require more work and dedication to get where you want to go, but fortunately we have the internet and youtube. When I got back into my spirituality and had a powerful awakening YouTube was a gold mine for me. There’s so many guided meditations on there you can keep trying different ones until you have a bunch you like.

Either way meditation is one of the best ways to raise your vibration that I’ve found. There are many ways to meditate. If sitting doesn’t work you can do walking meditations, learn tai chi, qi gong, or yoga. If you don’t have any place that offers that near you, then learn those on YouTube!

2.) Breathwork – Conscious/Pranic Breathing. For whatever reason breathwork is one I got into last. In fact I only started getting into it more seriously and kept a discipline for it in the last month or so. During the month of June I was practicing my channeling with a spirit guide. I was given information that I would be able to achieve a higher vibration for channeling by doing breathwork right before I connect into my guide.

I was guided to the 9 Energizing Breaths. I bought the book The Power of Prana: Breathe Your Way to Health & Vitality by Master Steven Co. These breaths originated from ancient breathing techniques and were further adapted to be more concise/effective by Steven Co’s teacher. There’s a lot of history with their origins I won’t get into, but the book explains some of it.

There is a video where Steven Co shares 8 of them. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw25_oG6lK4

In that video he shares 8 of the 9 energizing breaths but they are a tiny bit different format from the techniques in the book. The book goes into depth about each breath and leads you into those by starting first with basic pranic breathing. The video really helped me to see the techniques and follow along with them while watching, then I moved into the book methods.

Now I’m spending 15-20 minutes doing them right when I get up in the morning. These are very powerful breathing techniques and each one clears different chakras and your auric field. I wish I would have learned these techniques a long time ago and I plan to use these 9 energizing breaths daily for a long time. My intent in using them also, is to start taking in more pranic energy so I can eat less and live more on energy. I can also do these right before I offer healing sessions and energize myself fully so my sessions are more potent. Since doing these breaths my vibration has raised tremendously and my energies/fields have remained very clear. Make sure to buy the book if you move forward with them, as there are important parts that include locking the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle while doing breaths 3-9 and holding your tongue on the top of your mouth behind the ridge to connect 2 major meridians to generate more energy. The book also shares meditations and other techniques in it. So it’s a great book to work through.

There are many other ways to do conscious breathing and a lot on YouTube and online for that as well. I have never been drawn to Yoga or have practiced it, but Yoga incorporates a lot of breathing techniques into it, so if you go that route you can learn through Yoga as well.

3.) Self Clearing/Healing – Learning at least the main chakras and some basic techniques for clearing will help a lot in raising your vibration. Learning to use the violet flame energy can help a lot with that is well. I have an article here about the violet flame: https://meashenu.com/using-violet-flame-magic/

Doing regular clearing of your chakras and auric field will make a big difference over time. There’s also plenty of videos to help with this on YouTube including sound healing videos for the chakras.

Get into a daily practice of meditating for a few minutes and put intention to connect to your higher self and guides of the highest vibration of love and light. Ask them daily to clear your chakras, energies, and aura. I used to ask them to clear/heal all attachments, cords, lower thoughts, negative energy, chakras, auric field, and anything else that wasn’t serving my highest good by being there any longer. If you do this in conjunction with visualizing the violet flame going through your fields and areas at the same time, it will make it far more effective since you are participating as well.

4.) Working With Energy Healers – this is how I was able to get as far as I have been over the past couple of years. I worked with an advanced energy healer about twice a month on average who I have paid and it was worth every penny. It is generally the hardest to see/get information about your own stuff, at least for a while until you get to a certain point. I have been fortunate enough that my mother has had her gifts activated since childhood and she is very advanced, so I was able to re-learn a lot from her and work through a lot with her assistance. I also had friends and other healers I’ve had sessions with along the way. Due to working with healers I estimate that what I was able to work through in the last 3 years would have taken me at least double that amount of time, but possibly even triple the amount of time to get to the same place I’m at now if I didn’t have their support. I have also been fortunate enough to come across some great spiritual readers as well, who I was able to get channeled information and guidance through when I was not in a good space to get that info myself. That helped tremendously too.

5.) Physical Health – this really includes the basics such as exercise, diet, and detoxing. All of these things are essential in raising your vibration.

Even just walking each day a little bit is better than doing nothing. Doing cardio can help detox a lot, both physically and energetically. Diet is really up to each person. I have gone the mostly Vegan route (at the moment eggs are the only thing I eat that isn’t vegan). Others still have a high vibration eating meat and other things. I don’t judge on what a person eats, but it’s more about listening to your body and starting to eat lighter foods that will help give you energy and support.

For me with detoxing I’ve mostly done that through exercise, sweating in a sauna, and ionic foot bath detoxes. I’ve done some fasting but not much of that. Juice fasting can be a way to detox pretty efficiently too.

Instead of fasting I was guided to The Potato Hack diet, which there is a book you can search for with that name if you are interested. It’s really basic, you just eat nothing but plain potatoes and drink water for several days. So I would cut up potatoes and bake them so they were sort of like fries and eat them real quick and down them with water. After a few days I found my appetite completely reset and it does a lot with the stomach enzymes. The book goes into detail about it. You can lose quite a bit of weight doing that as well if you can keep it up. The first time I did it, I went about a week on it. The last two times I only made it about 2-3 days, which still accomplished what I wanted it to. When eating nothing but plain potatoes for a few days… literally anything will sound great to eat. So it’s a lot easier to do that as a reset for a couple days, then move into eating more fruits and veggies immediately after. Trust me after plain potatoes even a carrot or anything with taste will sound good haha. I slip up here and there with diet and end up eating stuff that isn’t the healthiest, although it’s still vegetarian/vegan. So the potato hack is a good way for me to get back on track whenever I need to.

I’m also exploring Kambo as a way to further detox in the next couple of weeks and should be writing my experience about that soon.

Exercise, diet, and detoxing there are MANY ways to do each. So you really just have to try things and figure out what ends up working best for you.

6.) Art – doing some sort of art can help you tap into and develop the feminine aspects of self. Drawing, painting, writing, making crafts, or whatever else you want to do. This helps raise your vibration because you are creating. When I draw I am also in more present time focused on what I am drawing. For me I stick with drawing and writing. In past lives I have had some great drawing abilities, but that hasn’t come back in this life. I still am able to draw, but mostly stick to geometry type of drawings using stencils and a ruler. It doesn’t matter what level of skill you have.

7.) Music/Sound – listening to music or playing an instrument can also help raise your vibration a lot. I listen to music to raise my vibration quite consistently. Listen to whatever does the trick for you. There are a lot of different instruments and some of them are pretty cheap to buy. Getting something and playing around with it from time to time will help a lot too.

There are also bells, chimes, singing bowls, and those types of things you can buy to create sound. Those all are great at helping clear the body, aura, chakras, and raise your vibration.

Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequencies are another great resource that is available on YouTube for free. I still listen to Solfeggio Frequencies here and there, but for a while I was listening to them every day. They helped a lot with raising my frequency. I wrote an article a while back on these that you can check out here: https://meashenu.com/binaural-beats-vibrating-new-world/

Here’s some high vibration music I listen to:

I listen to Epic/Fantasy music like that when I want to raise my vibration. The artists are Two Steps From Hell, Thomas Bergerson, Brunuhville, and Peter Crowley. If you haven’t heard of them before or listen to them, check out a lot of their songs. There are a lot of great ones :).

9.) Strengthening your connection to your higher self and spirit guides. There is a lot of information on how to do these out there as well. So it’s worth just trying out a bunch of different things. That is what I did for a while until I came across videos and techniques that worked well for me. It’s more valuable to do your own searches because when you do, you can start paying attention to what sticks out to you. Even doing searches online you are being nudged and guided by your higher self and guides. I would try a lot of connect to higher self guided meditations and meet your spirit guides meditations on YouTube. Every day I would meditate and work on those connections until they got much stronger. Your intent and effort in making the connection and consistently trying are the most important parts.

10.) Do what makes you happy! One of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration and to keep your vibration high is to have fun and do what is enjoyable for you! When you are having fun and enjoying yourself, you are in a very strong alignment with your higher self and soul. If you don’t have any hobbies, then explore and find some that you can do that you love.

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