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Mid January Energy Update


The energies this month so far have been very intense. Much is coming to the surface that has been neglected and buried deep. There are also many cycles coming to an end. These cycles can be ones that have been ongoing for many lifetimes or ones in your current life. Ending these cycles is an opportunity to create a new foundation for the next part of your spiritual journey to move further into what you want to manifest and the path that you are meant to be on.

Fears are coming up fast and manifesting, resulting in some confusing and scary realities for some. This is where shadow work comes in and those who continue to refuse to do the shadow work and put it off till later are going to have a much more difficult time. As the energies of the planet continue to raise and the overall vibrations raise, manifestations will happen much more quickly and this includes fears. If you think something is after you and there isn’t, then you could easily attract and create that reality for yourself, as your fear is manifested. Having fears is like leaving a door completely unlocked into your aura and energy that can be entered easily.

I did a lot of my shadow work and confronting fears via writing. I would write them all out and then when that was done work with soul group, guides, and higher self in meditation to release what was there. It took a couple tries for me to get it, it didn’t just work the first time. There are lots of youtube videos and information online about shadow work. I did research and found the method that worked best for me, but there are a lot of methods. The most important thing, as with anything, is intention. If your intention is set to face your fears and get through them, then you will figure out a way.

Some of us also have trials and tests relating to fears. If this comes up for you, it may be an important part of your journey that you must work through to grow. Neglecting these types of tests and trials is not advisable, as they generally will get more intense until you face them.

Utilizing the violet flame energy (or whatever energy you intuitively feel is right) and the “I AM” teachings also helps a lot. Meditating and getting into your Sacred Heart Space is a life changing part of a spiritual journey as well. Once you get in there and feel the love you have inside and from your higher self, guides, and Source you know that you are safe and that is far more powerful than any fear can be.


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