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Oracle Cards Energy Reading July 7th 2018


I pulled 2 cards, one for now/today and one for what’s coming up next.

The first card is the Mountain Strength card. Right now the energies feel like the calm before the storm. I’m sharing a picture of the Schumann resonance and that’s what it looks like and the first thing intuitively that came to me. During this time it’s a reminder to be like a mountain and remain strong and grounded. It is also an opportunity to look down from the peak of the mountain at other aspects of you below and see which areas look like they could use healing and support.

The second card I pulled with intention of what’s coming up next. I pulled the Dawn New Beginnings card. Intuitively I feel that this represents this entire next 6 weeks with the various eclipses, moons, and Lion’s Gate energy portal. The energy waves will come in and be intense, but it’s also an opportunity to use these energies to create a new beginning. The dawn signifies the light is shining through from the darkness and will only shine brighter and brighter until the day is fully awakened and full of light. I feel this is also representative that many others on the planet will awaken during the next 2 months.


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