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Powerful 3rd Eye Activation Technique


I enjoy playing around with different techniques and seeing which ones work for me and which don’t. This one I started doing recently and already noticed improvements. It is very powerful and I have added onto it as well. So although I am giving the short version you should click over to the original article too, the link down below right before it just to read through it.

I’ve been using this one myself each day. I do add some things to it. Before I start I send a bunch of energy into my pineal gland with intent to charge it up/activate it. Then I visualize/put intent a beam of energy goes from the pineal gland to the 3rd eye spot on the forehead. Then I see the beam hit the 3rd eye spot on the forehead and go out a cone/unicorn horn going out of the forehead that is like an antenna. During the meditation I also use various colors to help activate, on top of having the sound reverberate mentioned in the instructions below.

It is interesting because when I was in meditation this last couple of weeks what I saw was the beam go from Pineal Gland into my forehead spot and then that forehead spot looked like a movie projector you would see at a movie theater, one of the old film ones. So I asked for that to be upgraded and then it turned into a circular portal/vortex with a bunch of whites, blues, pinks, purples in it. So that could be something you could visualize/put intent to do too. Visualize that spot on your forehead as an older movie projector that then turns into a higher dimensional portal/projector and upgrades your 3rd eye function.

I also wrote a post in 2018 about intuitive information, 3rd eye function, and telepathy you can check out here: meashenu.com/how-the-3rd-eye-telepathy-intuitive-information-works/

In step 1 (from what I gathered anyway), the Jnana Mudra position is just the touching index finger to thumb finger in a circle one. So you do that with palms facing upward. I do this one in a chair and not on the floor.

The below technique is by Paul Harrison from The Daily Meditation site here: https://www.thedailymeditation.com/shambhavi-mudra-steps-and-benefits

The Shambhavi Mudra Instructions

Follow these steps to practice Shambhavi Mudra successfully: 

  1.  It is best to have your hands in Jnana mudra position when practicing Shambhavi  mahamudra kriya. (Read my guide to Jnana mudra).
  2. Sit comfortably with good posture and place your hands on your knees.
  3. Briefly shut your eyes then reopen them and focus your gaze on a fixed spot.
  4. Look up high but without moving your head.
  5. Focus your gaze on the spot in the middle of your eyebrows and concentrate on this area. Meditate on it. Let go of thoughts, as you would in regular meditation. You should be see your eyebrows as a V shape, with your gaze fixed in the middle of the V.
  6. While maintaining this focus, chant OM. Meditate on the sound of OM reverberating around the spot you are gazing at.
  7. Do not strain your eyes. They should be relaxed at all times.
  8. Continue for five minutes.
  9. Close your eyes but keep your gaze on that same spot in the middle of the eyebrows.
  10. Chant OM slowly while meditating on the sound.
  11. Begin to make each individual OM last longer. You should be breathing deep through your nose.
  12. Continue for five minutes.

Enjoy and I hope you get some great activations! 🙂






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