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Pulling Your Energy & Pieces Back


There have been many strange experiences over the years for me with pulling back pieces of myself. For a couple of years I would have a problem of astral traveling while I slept and then getting stuck or lost in some weird dimension. It was like I was searching for things to bring back or thought I needed. Other times when I was going through phases of not wanting to be here a big part of me would venture off and then not want to come back. Like a part of me decided to escape and take a vacation in some other dimensional place and had no interest in returning. There was also one time I astral traveled to the future in my sleep and tried to bring back something to present time that wasn’t appropriate or allowed. So my guides put me in a containment and held me there until I was willing to let what I took go haha.

We are infinite and powerful beings that can be many places at once, even though we aren’t always conscious of that. We can have our energy all over the place.

Sometimes when I have felt I have slipped back down energetically, no energy, and not feeling present in my body like I am not fully here, that has been the issue.

With everything going on in the world it is also easy to get caught up too much in the collective consciousness. Although we are always connected to the collective consciousness, I have found that sometimes I have too much of my attention or energy in it and need to pull that out.

You can pull all the parts of you and the energy you have out there back to you. It helps to call in your guides and higher self to assist with this process. And once you are in a meditative state or however works best for you, you can start. Put the intention that you want to pull all your energy you have given away and all the parts of you that are out there back to you. You can visualize a bunch of fishing lines going out and connect to these pieces. Again ask your guides to assist so even if you can’t see or sense where they are, they can help with it.

Before pulling all the pieces back put a thick layer of violet flame energy all around you. And add a thick layer of gold energy as well. This way when the pieces come back into you they are transmuted first. Sometimes our energy or pieces are not in high vibrational places and pick up some energy you would rather not bring into your fields.

When ready pull all these strings back to you with the pieces and energy and reintegrate them into your core. If you have a way to check (pendulum, muscle testing, intuition) then use that method and double check that all came back. If you get that one or a couple are stuck then put more focused attention on those ones and do what you are intuitively guided to do until you feel they are back or get a confirmation.

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