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Quick Techniques To Connect To Source


Connecting to Source is really quite easy. We are always connected to Source, but there are some techniques to strengthen the connection for meditation & spiritual growth. I’ve found a that a lot of techniques either are about going in or going out until you connect. I’m only going to list a couple here and you can try them out to see if they resonate. Keep in mind that everyone is different. You may not feel the connection or the energy right away. It’s more about just putting your intention there and trusting that the connection went through.

1.) Going Outward. This technique you can sit in meditation then you keep traveling outward. I would do this by visualizing myself in the room I’m in first, then go out further and see the house I’m in, then the whole property the house is on, then you can go out further to the town you are in, then the state, then the country, then the the whole planet, then keep going to the moon, go to Jupiter, then keep going out past the solar system, and just continue to keep going and going until you connect to the light of Source and feel that it happened. This may happen a lot sooner, by the time you get to the moon or it may not happen until you keep going out past what I mentioned here.

2.) Going in. This is the method I generally will use. I will go inward to just about anything you can think of. I usually will just use my hand or finger then imagine myself traveling into that part of my body. Then keep going in and in until I’m at the tiny particles/atoms then keep going in from there and keep going until I see a golden stream of energy. Then I connect to that energy. I have generally seen the gold stream of energy in everything, it’s how I see that everything is connected. So I could do the same thing to the wall or floor or go all the way down inside anything as far as I can and that same gold energy stream would be there. You may not see it as gold or you may interact with that energy in your own unique way.

3.) Another quick way for me to connect to Source is to put my intention on my heart and imagine that golden stream of energy and put intention on connecting to it. It’s the quickest way I use to do that. When I meditate and enter my Sacred Heart Space, I’ve found in the very center of that heart space a big powerful stream of the golden energy too. So sometimes I will go into that space and just sit in that stream of energy and that works really well for me too.

You can see how these techniques work for you, enjoy!


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