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Sharu – Lemurian Group Message July 21st 2018


You are cultivating a great change within yourself. The seeds have been planted, they’ve been watered, and they have already sprouted. From here they will continue to grow at a great pace and soon it will be time to harvest and receive the energy back that you put in.

There are so many moving parts to what is going with the consciousness shift that it would be impossible to relay all of them to you. There is much happening on the world stage right now between the leaders of various countries and there is even more of an effort to distort and attack any good that is being done. It is important to remember not to react to it and not to react to others reacting to it. Put yourself in a higher vibration and be an observer.

There are cycles of light and dark as many of you know. These cycles have been estimated around 13,000 years each. Before the start of the last dark cycle there were many that tried everything in their power to prevent the dark energies from overwhelming the planet. They fought with their light and ultimately were unsuccessful. The negative forces were utilizing the start of a dark cycle to overpower the forces of light and the energies were supporting the negative polarity. Now everything is reversed. The cycle of light and new golden age has already begun. The dark energies and entities are being overwhelmed by the light and there is nothing they can do to stop it. This time it is even more powerful as there is a planetary ascension going on with this cycle, whereas before the planet had specific areas that were more artificially created to be higher dimensional areas such as the Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt. Had you gone outside of those areas to other parts of the world, the vibration would have been lower. This was due to utilizing crystal technology and other means of combining higher dimensional consciousness with technology in a more balanced way. The planetary ascension here is a very unique experience.

Keep doing your inner work, keep going into your heart space and expand your light to the planet, keep holding the vision that the 5th dimensional new earth has been created, and continue to reconnect with others to help the impact of co-creation.

—-Sharu is the name of the inter-dimensional Lemurian Support Group that I have begun receiving messages from. They were a group of guides I worked with and knew in Lemuria that formed a support group to assist Gaia and the shift. Often times the messages will come as ones meant for me, but will still be applicable to many others, so I will be sharing them and you can feel if they resonate with you.


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