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Sheet Energy Clearing Technique


There are so many ways to clear energies on yourself. Today I’d just like to share one technique on how to use an energetic sheet to clear energies.

-First call in your higher self and healing guides of love and light to assist you with the clearing.

-Then you can visualize a golden/white translucent (so it’s a bit see through) sheet of energy. If you feel like using a different color then feel free!

-See this square sheet of energy below your feet in the ground and make sure it’s big fairly large so it covers all your energy fields. I generally make it the size of the room I’m in and ask that the room be cleared as the same time. You can also visualize your guides are holding each of the 4 corners of it and assisting with the process.

-Put intention that when this sheet starts moving up, all that no longer is serving your highest good gets stuck to the sheet. I put intention to clear through all dimensions, chakras, bodies, and everything.

-Start seeing the sheet move slowly up, this process tends to be a slower one, so just see it gradually/gently moving up from beneath the ground and get to your feet. Then just let this process continue until it’s all the way above your head. I like to go way above my head to make sure it gets all the upper chakras as well.

-When the sheet gets all the way to the top and is done, see that all 4 corners of the sheet are brought together and tied. At this point you can give gratitude, thank whatever was cleared for the experience, and send love. Then you can see/put intention that your guides take it away. Sometimes I will use transmutation fire on it and transmute it to source energy or a universal love/compassion pink energy and see it go off that way. Also you don’t need to know what was cleared out for this to work, you can just allow it to happen and trust the process.

-If the sheet gets stuck anywhere, ask for more assistance to let that go and feel into it until you feel it’s clear and the sheet is moving again.

You can do this daily and also adapt it to make it your own. For example I make SEVERAL layers when I do this. I have a thicker sheet be the middle layer, but then I have a layer of a grid/chicken wire looking energy on both the top and bottom, then in between the sheet and top grid I have a layer of sound energy to also break up anything there and between the sheet and bottom grid I have a layer of bright white light. So I have about 5 layers total in the way I do it. You can make it however you wish and add even elemental layers like fire/water/wind/earth/electricity etc.

You can also use a sheet technique with your guides and clear an entire property, your room, house, car, & whatever else you want. I’ve used a giant sheet to clear the entire ranch that is multiple acres.


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