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Short Energy Update For Animals Transitioning 12/1/2018


With the influx of energies more animals are transitioning over to the higher energy spaces. Some of the older animals that aren’t able to integrate the energies very well are leaving their bodies behind. For some of them it’s not a pleasant process and are experiencing a lot of discomfort while their physical vessel is struggling to keep up with the energies. You can call in your guides and request that guides/healers that specialize in animals come in and assist them so their discomfort can be lessened and their transition goes more smoothly. My soul has a special kinship with the animal kingdom and my energy can help ease their transition too. If you have an animal friend going through that you can ask that my higher self comes in with the other guides for support.

The other young and adult animals have various ascension symptoms that come up just like we do. They often have to pull energy from their physical body in order to support the integration process. Any energy you can send them at all helps this as they can use that energy instead. Gaia’s energy is another great support energy for them. If you connect to Gaia and ask her to send energy to them she will. You can also connect down into the core of Gaia and bring that energy up into your being then send it to them that way.

Love & Light





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