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Source Fragmentation – We are all connected – We are all One.


The light language I drew today is a good visual representation of how Source, the very middle circle was once one single being. Then split and fragmented itself to expand and have other experiences. Then those fragments continued to create new beings from their energy to create dimensions and universes. This seemingly continues infinitely. The way the drawing is you can still see that regardless of where and what you are, you still ARE SOURCE and still CONNECTED TO ALL other aspects. You are me and I am you.

When you start to see that every single being in existence is also another aspect of yourself, then there is further healing, understanding, and development that is available. Regardless of how heinous of crimes someone has committed or “evil” of a person they are, you start to understand that they are playing a role and having an experience. Many of them have become lost. You remember that they are you and you put yourself in their shoes. You forgive them. You hope they come back to the light and find themselves again. If there is something about someone that really upsets you, pisses you off, or whatever the feeling is, then there’s a good chance that is an opportunity to look at those qualities within yourself. Then you also see the mirroring aspect of that person and yourself.

You can tap into the pure Source energy consciousness whenever you want to. Spending time in nature is a great way to tune in. There are many other ways to do this. Personally I go into my heart space and connect to a golden energy that I see/feel/visualize is connected to everything and is the Source energy. The other way I’ve visualized is to pick any spot on my body or any spot on anything, like a spot on the table. It can even work with air or anything. Then keep going further in and further into that spot until you visualize you are at the atomic level with tiny particles. I continue to go further in until all there is, is a stream of golden energy. Then dive into/connect into that stream of energy. Another method is to meditate and essentially do the opposite where you keep going out. See your energy travel out of your body and out past your house, then property, then town, state, country, planet, out into the solar system, and essentially keep going with the intent to connect to the light/Source and you should feel that when you connect.

I’ve been posting my light language drawings on Instagram. Feel free to follow me on there: http://instagram.com/meashenu

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