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Spiritual Reasons For Depression


This is a post by Rick Jewers that he posted on Facebook. Link to the original source is at the bottom of this page. I really wanted to share this on my site as I’ve found myself referring this post to others that have/are experiencing depression. As someone who has experienced that and and more for about 15 years of my life, the post really resonates with me. Read it below and see what you think.

The label “Depression”

Depression is not a sickness, it becomes a sickness when society says it is, and when One resorts to medication to relieve this “feeling/sensation”.

Depression is actually a Divine guidance tool as well as One’s Soul speaking to them, to go deeper within and change things up. The label “Depression” has become more widespread on the planet at this time, due to the Ascension. “Depression” is a trigger mechanism to get You to change and to align with a higher life path as well as a Spiritual/Soul Journey. Depression does not happen by chance, it happens for the reason to move One forward. Not All that go into this state are to move forward, for it is part of their Human Experience to experience a prolonged Dark Night of the Soul, Ascending upon death and leaving their physical Human bodies behind.

Ones that have a Soul Contract to leave through suicide, a contract that is also approved at a Higher level, do Ascend this way. However, there are those, that unbeknownst to them while in Human Form in the depressive state, that are NOT allowed to leave this way, and parts of their “attempted suicide” are integral factors in their Divine Purpose, to be there and to Know what it is like, to assist others out of this stagnant Soul position. To assist others in Ascending in the physical Vessel by showing them that Depression is actually a Divine Sign for them that they are ready to move forward and begin integrating their Inner Self and develop their Divine Prowess. There are some Souls that have attempted suicide many times, only to find in the most profound ways, that it did not work, and that they are still here.

I met a Soul on the planet a few years back, (the first and only time I had contact with him). As part of Who I am, special Souls before me open up fully with their deepest and darkest experiences/feelings, I am a pain taker.He had been depressed for years and previously attempted suicide ~10-15 times, each time unsuccessful with astronomical odds/intervention accompanying his attempts.I said to him, “You are not allowed to leave yet” with a wink. He said; “Yes, I started to believe/think that, and Now I know it is true”. I left him with ” Now You Know why, go forth and assist others with what You Know”.

So basically, if One is in a depressed state, the best way to get out of it, is to understand the state as being a sign to move forward, that there is a reason and a purpose attached, and not a “selfish” reason either. That their current existence/ life situation is NOT where they are supposed to be, and for them to break free of the Depressive Soul Stagnation by CHANGING what they are doing, CHANGING their physical location on the planet, throwing away their “old book” and begin writing a New one, and depart from a “Ground Hog Day” life scenario. Rise from the ashes and begin stepping into their Divinity and the EXCITING Magic that accompanies that Divine Prowess they have. Use their Divine abilities on the planet Now, to assist with the overall Ascension of Others.

Anti Depressants and drugs that inhibit the symptoms/signs SUPPRESS the Individuals ability to go forward, it keeps them in a stasis. The administration of pharmaceuticals is both intentional and a misconception of what depression actually is. The best trick of moving forward when a “depressive” state occurs, NO MEDICATION and a Knowing that they must relocate( relocate in ALL ways, where they are at on the planet and where they are at in relationships, careers, life, etc; throw that whole book away and begin a New book, a New Life, for the “old life” no longer serves and MUST be detached from) and understand that the Depression is NOT what they were/are told that it is.

Medication, drugs, chemicals, etc; in the past, prevented One from advancing/developing/evolving and kept them wandering around, oblivious to their Divine ability. Awareness to the Masses is rapidly growing about the inhibiting effects of medication, etc, upon their well Being in the physical body respect, as well as the mental/conscious respect. You are/will continue to see many “wake up” overnight. Pharma is on its way out as more become informed about the simple things like how important the PH level in a physical body is as well as the damaging effects of chemical drugs. The Natural cures are rapidly taking the place of drugs in the Masses in Awakening and this transition is assured for the lower 5D Timeline. In the future, there is NO NEED for any medical devices or remedies, be it Natural or NOT. For when One truly KNOWS that they themselves have the ability to NOT CREATE sickness or accident, there is NO requirement for such a thing (this is where some of You are visiting during Your Ascension). You have been introduced to many cases on these lower timelines of Others healing themselves miraculously of disease and sickness, so You KNOW it is true and POSSIBLE.


“NOT WANTING TO BE HERE”, may be considered/misconstrued by Society as depression, or at least, a form of it. The NOT wanting to be here is NOW an important sensation to assist with Each in detaching from the lower timelines, detaching from the lower aspect of their duality. For example; if One feels they do NOT want to be here, THEN, they will become more prone to attaching to a Higher existence, a HIGHER TIMELINE. This is when Each BEGINS CREATING the New, the “old” has just become “boring” and “monotonous”, and it is time to detach. At that stage, it becomes pertinent to focus on the NEW that You wish to see on the planet, and do NOT even think about the “old”, so as to NOT CONTAMINATE Your future Timelines, Your future Creations, with aspects from the “old”. There was a threshold that You crossed when You realized and KNEW that everything here was not as it seemed, that there was hidden Divine Magic. A threshold that INTRODUCED You to exciting and powerful Divine Magic that You may have only read about in the past in a book perhaps labeled as “Fantasy”. You then come to learn that in fact, the non-fiction is actually fiction, and the fiction is actually many realities. One non-fiction book covers the Mundane, while books to infinity cover the “Reality”, showing You that everything impossible, is actually possible and DOES exist. You must remember, psychology is written from inside the box with a limited perspective to keep One inside the box, the NEW psychology that You are Creating for these Timelines, is one that is empowered beyond anything of the past, and that encompasses more of the Truth, less restrictive and unhindered.

Your Soul has told You, and it does NOT lie, that You do NOT want to be here, because, at the Soul level and Now bringing it into the Conscious level, it is TIME to CREATE the NEW , where You are ALLOWED by a Divine decree, to use YOUR DIVINE MAGIC in Creating and tweaking the current NOWS with of course the intent, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.

Many depressed/suppressed Ones are ready to wake up.

Thank You
Love and Light

Originally Posted in March 2018 on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/rickjewers/posts/938202993023436


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