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Starting The New Year Fresh


Happy New Year! A new year closes one cycle and starts another. We can step into new energies, new changes within ourselves, and new opportunities. There will be more guidance/signs coming to each of us.

For a little while now I had experienced similar feelings as others. It was a feeling of depression and feeling lost. It was like I was going along a path for a while which was correct, but all the sudden the path stopped and I was standing there holding out a broken compass trying to figure out which direction to take.

I was asking for guidance a lot lately and I did receive intuitively in meditation a few nights ago one aspect of that guidance. I was waiting to confirm it once the new year started. Part of what I have been guided to do is pretty much throw out everything and start over again from the basics. Part of this has been absorbing too much information as to what other people are putting out online. Such as things like 4d and 5d timelines and things about 3d, 4d, 5d and so on.  Even with the way I was connecting to receive information and everything else. It’s as though the cup got too full again and pouring it all out to start over again is what is needed. This can include re-reading old books, how to meditate, connecting with guidance, where to go in spirit form for guidance, and so on.

Here is a process I did today that I will be doing every day for a while as well:

Get in a meditative relaxed position. Connect into the crystal core/heart of Gaia and that energy, bring that up into your bodies/fields/chakras. Then expand/push that energy out in all directions. See that energy expand out to the Sun and connect with the sun. You can go out past the sun to further expand if you wish. Then come back to your body and put intention on your consciousness. Do a similar process/feeling of expansion with your consciousness. Go all the way out again.

At this point you are expanded out so much that tight spaces are open. You can visualize/put intention that anything old is falling out of those spaces and being taken away by guides to be transmuted. Put intention that light pours into every dark place within you, so those places can receive healing. You may need to repeat the expansion part of the process and pushing out light a few times. Doing it a few more times may release more.

After the process of expansion and clearing, then you can ask to be taken to a sacred space to receive guidance. It may be a feeling, light, colors, visualization, or something else that is best for you at this time. You may go to a different space each day. This was part of the issue with me, as it was time for me to move into a different sacred space.

The process mentioned is really just the basic process. You can see what develops for you during it and make it into your own.

If you are still feeling down, then continue to do clearing work until you feel better. It may take several attempts to get everything. A lot of it for me was old dense energies that were released and waiting to be fully let go of.

Love & Light



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