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Staying In The New Earth Energies Consistently


We are each at different phases in our journeys so this may not resonate for everyone as they are already past it or not at this point yet, but I was guided to share as this has been coming up frequently for myself and others leading up to the equinox.

Many of us are going through intense energetic shifts at this time. What I have noticed in myself, from what another healer has mentioned, and in my healing sessions with clients is that we end up slipping back into old energies. There is this new energy stream/timeline (however you wish to understand it) that represents the new earth energy. We will end up moving into this energy and then we fall back into an older energy and things feel really off again. This has happened several times in a day for me in the last week or two, where I had ups and downs throughout the day.

The other thing that I have gone through lately is merging of past life knowledge that other versions of me had. There is also merging of various aspects of selves that could be on different timelines and realities. When these things happen, sometimes what comes back isn’t fully cleared or transmuted first. So for example, something merges with you from a past life to be reintegrated, but that also brought back some negative energy from that past life experience too. So in a sense you did get the info, but suddenly you feel like you need cleared and something feels off. You can ask your higher self and guides to make sure that all is transmuted and cleared that isn’t for your highest good before you reintegrate it. If that doesn’t work then you can at least use this information to focus intention of energy to find and clear what needs to be.

As far as staying in the new energy, some visualizations and different ways you can try are:

1.) See yourself walking down a path/road and a line down the middle. To the left is the old energy and to the right is the new earth energy. See yourself going into the right energy and staying there. You may want to see the left side or old energy in black and white and the right side new energy in color.

2.) I associate the newer energies with all sorts of rainbow like colors. So you can put intention and visualize in meditation you going into a rainbow stream of energy that represents that new earth path or see a rainbow in the way you want to visualize it.

3.) If you feel on a lower path or vibration you could visualize yourself being stuck in mud or something similar. Then pull yourself up and out of there and move yourself to the new energy.

4.) You can visualize yourself in the New Earth future, of what that looks like for you.

Those are just some examples, you can adapt them or come up with something new that will work for you.

The other thing that I do that helps me is that when I do feel I am in that better/newer energy, I put out a bunch of anchors. I just visualize a bunch of anchors like you would see for boats, go out and really anchor into that place. They are made out of light when I do that and they are corded back to me so they are attached to me. That way to get back to that energy I can just visualize the cord and follow it back to where the anchor is.

For those that are in spiritual service to others, it can be a bit rough as I have found myself either jumping timelines or tapping into lower timelines to assist others. After each session you do with others it would be good to make sure all cords are cut between them and you then use your favorite technique to switch back into the higher energy and make sure you are there.

Lastly the seem that has helped me really stay in the higher energy the last couple of days is music and sound. The more I chant from my heart space and do that sort of light language expression the higher my vibration stays. Also finding songs and sounds that really just click for you. Listening to the higher frequency Solfeggio Frequencies are good. You may just want to go on YouTube and search around and see what you are drawn to or what pops in for you. I did that yesterday and there’s a song that has this flute part in it that is really resonating with me and has uplifted me every time I heard it. I will share that one below. We each have our own tastes in music though, so you will want to find something that does the same for you.



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