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Timelines Message from Jesus – Solar Eclipse August 11 2018


Countless timelines are available to each individual and opportunities present themselves to you, to be able to move onto new/different timelines VERY OFTEN. Your choices, thoughts, and intentions can alter your timelines. You can also be jumping timelines without realizing it. The reason this is being brought up today is that this 3rd & Final Eclipse that has happened, brings up many new timeline options for each of you. You are able to step onto these new ones now and they will help bring you to new levels and directions in your life over the next 6-12 months. See yourself moving onto the brightest path full of white light. Look down at the brilliant white path and see your feet moving on it and moving forward. Feel the energy and the light. You can then turn around behind you and see if you are still dragging/holding onto anything. You may see old cords, energies, thoughts, or whatever it might be that is ready to be released. Take a deep breath and let all of those go. You can call me (Jesus) in  and I will help dissolve and transmute those old energies for you. After that is done turn back around and visualize a clear path full of light. Take some deep breaths and really breathe the energy of that bright path into your being so that it is fully integrated.

Many of you are still holding onto old pain, judgements, relationships, and experiences from the past. These are holding you back from being in the present moment. Using the technique mentioned above can assist with this. Keep your awareness up and if you find yourself drifting off into the past, realize what it is and ask for that to be further cleared. You are welcome to call me in for help. You may also find that your guides are nudging you to stay in the present as we have been doing with Meashenu. We have been giving him reminders throughout the day to stay in present time and pay attention to things happening in the moment instead of drifting off into old energies or thinking about plans next week or what is to come. When you get this nudge, look around and observe the beauty that is around you at that moment. Take in that moment with all of your senses and connect into it. Moving into being in the present moment more often, takes practice and reprogramming, like many other areas of your ascension process.

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