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Tips To Help Maintain A High Vibrational Frequency


The August 21st Eclipse is coming up fast and I wanted to share some tips on keeping your vibration high while we get up to and through the event. An event like the eclipse isn’t “good” or “bad” in nature, it’s simply a catalyst for us to choose what we want to happen (my opinion of course). This means that the forces that wish to stay in control are going to do everything in their power to interfere. From my understanding there are going to be so many of us that are holding our intentions to get our free will back and have world wide peace where we can grow without their interference, during this eclipse period. Which is really exciting!

I believe this eclipse will be the most massive global meditation for peace this planet has ever seen. Some of those in service to this may feel a call to skip work that day to participate to help in regards to this as well. I will be devoting that whole day to service for this myself. There’s a global meditation happening at 11:11am Pacific Time. You can read about that here: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2017/08/make-this-viral-unity-meditation-at.html

I recently gave integration instructions for the Lion’s Gate. I will be talking to my Guardian Guide & Soul Group again on Friday the 18th and will be sharing Instructions from them for the couple days leading up to the eclipse and the day of the eclipse. Should have that available by evening time that day.

I’ve already started to notice many fear based & negative energies popping up around news, articles, & social media that people are getting sucked into. These are always around but more so now. It’s easy for me to notice these things because I don’t follow any of it, so I know when I start seeing it pop up, that it’s at the point it’s spreading more than usual. I imagine there is going to be quite a bit more of that coming this week and leading up to the eclipse.

Here are some tips & methods to maintain a high frequency throughout the next week:

1.) A quick method I use a lot whenever I want to raise my frequency quickly is to visualize myself walking up a staircase. I usually visualize the staircase being made out of crystals and glowing white and each step I take raises my frequency. I then just try to feel and put with intention that energy comes from my heart and goes outward so I’m encompassed by the high frequency energy.

2.) Use the violet flame energy quickly and have it go through all parts of your being and transmute anything that’s no longer serving you. You can read more about the violet flame energy here: https://meashenu.com/using-violet-flame-magic/

3.) Focus on conscious breathing. You can take some big deep breaths and visualize white & gold energy coming in through your breath, then into your heart space, then circulating throughout your entire body. You can also put intention on taking in the full energy of the gold and white energy as opposed to just the intention of bringing in gold and white light. The difference is that if you put intention on bringing in the full energy, you bring in the light, the sound, the geometric patterns, and even the consciousness of that energy as opposed to just the light. This is really applicable to all energy work, not just this one method.

4.) Quickly ground energy & connect to the core of the Earth. You can imagine a cord/root of light going from your heart chakra, down through lower chakras, out through bottoms of feet, and have lots of roots branching out all over anchoring you into the Earth. Then just put intention that anything of lower vibration from the top of your head all down throughout your body goes into those roots and gets grounded & transmuted into the Earth. Then to raise your frequency, extend a cord/root all the way down to the crystal core of Earth and put intention that high frequency love energy come up and into your body and raises your frequency.

5.) Meditate & ask your higher selves, guides, soul groups, & archangels of love/light to clear your energies & anything that is no longer serving your highest good on all levels of your being/all timelines/realities. If you haven’t been doing this, I recommend doing it 1-2 daily up to and through the eclipse.

6.) Ask for help if you notice something off with you & something doesn’t feel right. I’ve had lots of help throughout my journey so far and still get help. This can be from asking people online or in groups, paying for help from an energy healer/reader, and the most help has been from my higher self, guides, soul group, archangels, ascended masters, & other higher consciousness beings. I offer distance healings for suggested donations, but will help for a lower donation amount if you can’t meet the suggested price.

7.) Stop following anything negative. Don’t follow what the president is doing or politics. They are just going to try to cause fear right now with negative energies the best they are able to. Stop following people or pages on Facebook that share that type of stuff too. There are even many people that aren’t intentionally trying to share negative content that do end up sharing it and spreading it without realizing it.

I was going to give some specific examples of this but I decided that wouldn’t be the best way to approach it. Instead when you see content being shared, ask is this negative or positive? What is my initial reaction to this? What are others reactions to this? If all the comments and reactions people have are negative (anger, sadness, causing arguments & separation) then it’s not likely something that is meant to help in anyway.

There’s also programs tied to these types of videos and content that are behind it too. It kind of acts like a spell to really incite and spread the negative energy. So even people that are normally getting along great and really nice to each other start arguing with each other over an article or video out of nowhere. That can happen even if the video and content are positive in nature, but then have that type of energy tied to it intentionally. If you start keeping your awareness up and paying attention to these things, they are really easy to spot and then remove from your reality so they cannot affect you.

As always what’s written here is what has worked for me and resonated with me. You can see how it resonates with you & use your own intuition moving forward. You can always adapt and change any methods or techniques and create your own just based off these ideas too.

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