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What Are DNA Upgrades & Activations?


There are many different types of spiritual upgrades & activations that are given to us during our ascension process. Going to explain the different types I’ve run into so far.

DNA Upgrades

DNA Upgrades specifically deal with your cells & DNA. There are many different upgrades and the general purposes of them are to help clear out your cells of old energies, help with protection, and help evolve your DNA so that the frequency of each cell shifts to a higher vibration and you go along with Gaia and her ascension (the planet herself is ascending, so we are along for the ride). This helps us change physically from a carbon based lifeform to a crystalline based lifeform. Upgrades are generally given by light language, Source Energy, and can be given by an individual or by higher dimensional beings (spirit guides, higher selves, soul groups, ascended masters, archangels, etc). Your DNA will consistently receive upgrades when you are ready for them. The upgrade will go throughout all cells, which number in the trillions for each of us. I’ve found upgrades to be more subtle, I’ve had a few that were more intense that I could feel, but most are very subtle and gentle.

How Can You Get A DNA Upgrade?

I also offer DNA Upgrades where I connect directly into Source and give you the upgrade you are currently ready to receive. My higher self, soul group, & guides also assist. You can email me at meashenu@gmail.com.

I’m helping run a monthly Full Moon Group Energy Healing in the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupEnergyHealing/ where DNA Upgrades will be given to the entire group of people who participate in each one.

You can ask your higher selves, guides, & soul groups during your meditations and before bed to give you any upgrades & activations that are appropriate for you at this time. It does seem like sometimes you have to get the upgrade from outside of your own guides. I have had several given to me in group type healings and settings, as well as in individual sessions when working with an energy healer along my journey. It’s been a combination for me.

Other Types of Upgrades

Aside from DNA Upgrades, you can have your entire chakra system upgraded to be able to work with the higher frequency energies. You can also have your Kundalini upgraded as well. I also am upgrading my 3rd eye currently. Those are the other ones I’ve run into so far, that are different from DNA Upgrades. I will come back to update this post if I run into any others.


Activations are when a specific area/ability turns back on again, generally. You can have a Kundalini activation, which is generally extremely powerful and you will feel the energy flowing throughout your body that is very intense. You can also have individual chakra activations or activations as a group of them. You can also have 3rd eye activations when your 3rd eye is ready. You can have light language activations and activations regarding abilities like telepathy, the clair abilities, healing abilities, & unique abilities to you.

Activations generally are not ones you can force to happen. They happen when they are ready to. They sometimes are ready and are sitting there waiting for you to activate them. If that’s the case you can try asking for an activation or when you are in meditation or doing spiritual work for your growth they can activate then. You may also just receive information about one specifically being ready and then you can work on it from there.


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