Home Sessions


Although I have suggested donations listed, I am a donation based service and will assist you regardless of the donation amount, if I confirm I am meant to help you. If you are unable to donate anything and still would like my assistance please contact me. I don’t want anyone to feel they shouldn’t contact me and receive help because of money.

I stand behind my healing sessions and what I have to offer. If you wish, you can wait until a day or two after the session, before donating anything. This way you can make sure you or your animal friend is happy before you donate.

Right now my strongest gifts/abilities are knowing, sensing, and feeling spirit.

All sessions are intuitive sessions at this point. So I like to leave things open and see how the flow goes.

That being said, Sessions May Include:

  • Aura Clearing & Healing
  • 7 Main Chakras clearing, healing, & alignment
  • Earth Chakra, Higher Chakras, or Minor Chakras
  • 4 body clearing & healing (spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical bodies)
  • Emotional Healing
  • Clearing the energy meridians of any blockages
  • Electromagnetic field alignment
  • Cellular healing support
  • Organ & organ chakra clearing
  • Property/home clearing in this session as well and will close any portals that are around that shouldn’t be open.
  • Soul shard retrieval if needed
  • You may also receive Activations if you are ready at this time

There may be other areas that come up in a session that are not listed here.

If you have areas of concern or are currently going through something you would like extra support for, please let me know and they will be included in the session as well.

30 Minute Distance Healing

These are done remotely. I generally like to schedule a day and time for these, but they can also be done while you are sleeping (if we can work it out that way).

I run the session at the agreed upon day/time and then email or message you back how it went on my end. This is what I’ve primarily done for several years and have had great feedback.

Suggested Donation: $65

Email meashenu@gmail.com or fill out the form on the bottom of this page to schedule.

15-20 Minute Distance Healing

Same as 20-30 minute healing

Suggested Donation: $40

Email meashenu@gmail.com or fill out the form on the bottom of this page to schedule.

Cat & Animal Healing

Animal healing I do the same way, distance healing sessions, but I schedule a day and not a time, unless requested. Then whenever I am in a good zone that day, I do the session and email you the results of how it went.

Most animal healing sessions you can notice a difference very fast, sometimes immediately after the session. You may notice your animal friend is hungry/thirsty right after a session or wants to sleep. Over the next day or two there is generally a big improvement in their mood or behavior.

Suggested Donation: $45

You can contact me at meashenu@gmail.com or use the contact form below to schedule.