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Hello, my name is Meashenu and my calling for this life is to be a energy healer. I had a very intense & accelerated spiritual awakening where my healing gifts & abilities were re-activated. I am able to use a wide range of powerful healing energies. I strive to access ancient knowledge I possess by tapping into the essence of my soul and to use that knowledge to grow my own healing methods and adapt them to this time period. I will constantly be improving and learning when it comes to my own journey, as well as the energy healings I provide. Energies are always in flux and what works today for healing, may not work tomorrow. I fully understand this and it’s exciting for me to know that every healing session I do will be different & evolving :).

I have MANY guides and work with my higher self, soul group, & all of my guides that include ascended masters, archangels, nature spirits, animal spirits, and many other unique beings that are very powerful healers & support systems for my energy healing sessions.

If you start going through an awakening and have questions or need someone to talk to about it, feel free to get in touch with me. It can be a challenging process where many different things are happening and changing for you on physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels of your being.

If you feel like connecting please feel free to reach out!

Lots of love,