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5/2-5/3 Experiences – Pleiadians – Adama – High Heart – High Mind


Last night 5/2 I was in this sort of mental fog/funk. I couldn’t really figure it out entirely. I pulled some cards to help narrow it down and I did 9 cards from 3 different decks, which I normally do not do. Usually I just pull a single card, maybe two total. You can see from the picture the cards I pulled.

Earlier in the day yesterday I had that Adama experience in inner earth that I shared. I met with him in this sort of big cavern that was very open with these platforms of grass and crystals. There was a circular area with huge crystals all around it. He saw across from me in there and the first thing he said is that others would be coming to join us. And there were seats for all of the in a circle. I spoke with him for a while and then the others joined. It felt more like a council of some kind, but I don’t think they would say it was a council because they know I’m not into councils haha.

They helped me understand things. Working on the merging the higher and lower mind together, which will integrate and transmute the lower mind into the higher mind. They ended up giving me this sort of crown, but it was like 4 crystals on the north, south, east, west sides of my head that didn’t rest on my head, but float outside of it about 1-2 inches around. They said this will help with the process of the lower/higher mind integration.

So I did feel that part of what was going on last night was that the merging of these two just wasn’t going to be a completely pleasant experience haha, because all of what was left in the lower mind needed to have awareness to it, as purging and integration happens. And a part of it is addressing the physical cells in the head where old energetic thought structures also made themselves at home over a lifetime. I’m working on that a lot with music and placing the violet flame and the white flame of purification down into all those cell spaces.

After seeing what cards came out. I decided to ask for some assistance and open myself up for a channeling type of deal. Due to what was in the middle row of the cards I felt like part of the message was just opening to receive for a group to channel what I needed into me to help with whatever area of the hologram needed addressing.

Due to the Arcturus card I thought that’s who would come in, but when I opened the connection it ended up being the Pleaidians, my Pleiadian higher self and the group I am apart of on one of the big ships. I felt them bring energy in and there was this click/pop sort of thing in the top middle area of my head somewhere in the head. It was like a little bubble was popped/clicked in the head. Never experienced anything like it, but it definitely felt needed. Then I just continued to surrender and 2-3 more pops happened. I would say these pops felt like 1-2mm size bubbles inside the head. And I could feel and even hear them physically click.

Felt much better after that. Last night I had a sex dream too which reminded me of the sexuality card I pulled.

This morning I once again felt this sort of fog. It was a sort of lethargic feeling. I called in the Pleiadians again and they helped and I had to push someone out of my psychic/telepathy channels. Then I did some cleansing of those channels to make sure they were all cleaned up. The Pleiadians said they were going to work with me during this time and also assist with both the higher heart and the higher mind and holographic work.

In my heart during this time I saw the diamond and the blue crystal both there side by side. So I took the two and merged them together. It felt pretty good. When looking at my hologram I didn’t see all the details but I saw there was just one particular area that healing was sent to, and another area down and to the right that healing was also sent to.


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