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Being Careful With Spiritual Information Online


There’s so much information everywhere that’s available to us instantly with the technology we have. Among this information, the spiritual community is really starting to put out a lot more. There’s more and more people awakening every day and sharing. I of course, am among that group as well. Throughout my awakening I’ve read a lot of material online in the spiritual community, spent lots of time on YouTube, and have followed certain pages/people that put out regular updates. This article just serves as a reminder to take a minute to step back and think back on information you are absorbing to make sure it resonates.

Whether it be reading about energy updates, twin flame updates, astrological updates, and the myriad of other updates from the spiritual communities every day, it can be easy to sync up with this material or authors without noticing it. This goes along with what you believe creates your reality. It also has to do with possibly picking up or latching onto their energy.

Whether it’s videos or this article I’m writing now, you can tap into the person’s energy without realizing it. A lot of the people that do videos I’ve noticed also project quite a lot. I’ve run into this with people who do have really fantastic, loving energy. That energy just pulls you into their video and you want to keep watching more and hearing what they have to say. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it’s just something to be aware of.

Always remember to step back, detach yourself, and then take another look at the information to make sure it really resonates with what you are experiencing and are not being pulled into their energy and beliefs. I truly feel the people sharing these updates do not remind their viewers, readers, or followers of this enough.

Let’s take an energy update or twin flame update type of thing. Maybe you start following someone’s material whether it be YouTube, Facebook, websites, or whatever. They consistently put out “this is what the energies are like today, these are the symptoms of what I’m going through and feeling” and with twin flame updates maybe it’s “this is what is going on with twins” or “today the divine masculine or feminine is going through this.” I will even put out updates here and there on Facebook, so this is applicable to what I share with others as well.

The issue here is that before you know it you could sync up to that person’s updates. So it will seem like everything is resonating with you and you are going through the exact same things they are because you’ve synced up with their energies and updates.

There’s some questions to ask to see if this is the case, such as:

“Did I feel these symptoms or feel what I’m going through, then checked or saw this article/info and saw that it matched up and resonated with me?”

Or “Did I read the article or watch the video first and then I experienced the symptoms?”

“How did I feel before I came across this person’s channel or updates?”

“Was I having all these problems before I ever found out about them and what they are talking about, or did the problems start after I started following them?”

The other questions I like to ask myself just to think about it are things like:

“Well if I never even heard of the word twin flame or know what it was, would I still be going through the same thing?”

“If I never heard about what the ego was from so many people, what would be different? Would it not even be something I think about and therefore not a problem?”

“What about karma, if I didn’t read about so many people in the spiritual community mentioning that all these things are due to karma, would I worry about that or experience or feel what I’m feeling?”

Basically it’s the thought that maybe, I’m only experiencing what I’m experiencing because I was caught up in the information I saw, heard, or read about.

It’s also possible you can sync up to a group of people, online or offline. It’s really even quite common. Even in a Facebook group you may be in some twin flame group or somewhere that shares lots of twin flame type updates. You may see constantly people sharing updates “My twin did this and this so I’m feeling this” and “I’m feeling this because of what my twin is going through.” Then other people may start sharing theirs and all the sudden you believe that’s what you are going through and created that reality for yourself. So you have had this sync to others and are now experiencing something that you weren’t meant to or could have been avoidable. The result being a lot of unnecessary rollercoastering (up and down a lot frequency and emotionally wise).

I’m not saying that this happens all the time or that this is what is happening to you. There are plenty of legitimate times you can share with others that are going through similar things & it’s very helpful to be heard and have people you feel comfortable talking to. My main point here is to remind yourself to disconnect from the energy of others, take a step back, raise your awareness, and ask some questions to check in with your self and intuition.

The best way I’ve found to test this is to just stop following the information for a while. Whether it be a couple days or a couple weeks or a month. Then look back and compare the differences. If during that time you stepped back and stopped following information things were much better for you and you weren’t having nearly as many problems or worrying as much, then that’s something to think about.

If you think you have tapped into someone’s energy, ask your guides to clear that energy. You can ask one of the Archangels to help clear the energy as well. You can also use some of the techniques here: https://meashenu.com/clearing-purging-cycling-energy-techniques/


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