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Blaming The Ego Is Still Victim Consciousness


For awhile now I’ve had observations around how the discussions and messages about the Ego in the spiritual community tend to be negative energy based. There seems to be a lot of teaching revolving around pointing fingers at the ego. So much so that through my awakening process it has created this illusionary worry from time to time. Where I’m wondering if what I’m saying is too egotistical, or if my energy is coming off as egotistical, and trying to keep a watch over my identity and how I come off to others. I really have come to not resonate much at all with the ego type teachings and understandings. I believe it makes it harder to be your authentic self if you are worrying about that. I feel a lot of the teachings are resulting in people feeling like victims to their ego.

If you look up definitions of Ego, they vary, but generally it is defined as self and identity. In the spiritual community it is often represented as a self/identity that is a separation aspect of Oneness. Two Merriam-Webster definitions are 1.) the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world 2.) the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality.

When you think about the word Ego does it have a negative vibration and feeling to it or a positive one? To me it has a negative energy to it and this is partly due to the spiritual community making the ego out to be the villain in the story.

Some examples:
“The ego makes excuses…”

“The ego is responsible for…”

“The ego wants this…”

“Don’t let your ego trick you into…”

Then there’s mentions of false ego and ego matrixes and whatever else someone wants to tack onto it.

Then there is the judgement aspect of the ego:

“Oh that person’s ego is way out of control!”

As far as the judgement aspect, I’ve been guilty of that one myself by saying the example mentioned. It’s something I have come to realize that isn’t serving my highest good by participating in.

There are members of the spiritual community that like to constantly talk about this, regularly mentioning and blaming the ego. When you are blaming something, you are still experiencing victim consciousness, even if you are blaming an aspect of yourself (ego).

With shadow work, the more you push that aspect of yourself away, ignore it, blame it, & fight it… the harder it ends up being to confront. When you truly start looking in the mirror and confronting the shadow self and treating it with love, then that is when you are able to learn to live with it, release, heal, and accept it as a part of yourself in a harmonious, loving way.

The ego/self is the same, making your own sense of self out to be the enemy in all this just further postpones the learning process in it. I’m not saying to feed your ego to the point of becoming arrogant and narcissistic. I’m saying there is a way to hug the ego, love it, and accept it as a vital part of this ascension process. There was a message that came to me in a channeling I received about this, that mentioned to gently bring ego along until we reach the 5th dimension. When that message came I saw a kitten and gently petting its head.

I have also had an observation that I’ve found to be funny/entertaining as well among the teachers that are constantly talking about the ego. They will give these messages about the ego, and even transcending the ego, and then at the same time they are constantly posting and reminding people about all of their titles & achievements.

So obviously they are still enjoying that aspect of self/identity otherwise I wouldn’t see that regularly. It’s only natural to want to share your achievements and various aspects of your identity with others. The issue I’ve found is that they are literally teaching that is a bad thing, then they are flaunting it for themselves lol. The energy behind sharing can vary greatly from a place of love to a place that is a “I’m above you” “I know more than you” and braggy type of energy.

You won’t see/hear me talking about the ego much. I was hesitant to share this one out because I find the nature of the article to be at least somewhat hypocritical haha. I was guided to offer an additional perception into the fold at this time about something that is brought up so often and kept feeling a nudge to share it.

Has the information you have learned/absorbed about the Ego helped you in your journey? Has it caused confusion? Have you found yourself putting the ego in a box that seems separate from yourself and blaming it? What have your experiences been with this and how has it felt to you?


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