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Embodying More Love For Self – Visualization Techniques


There is so much love available to everyone now. That love is found within yourself and you can continue to access more of that love now. Manifestation comes from that love energy through the inner self/heart, then you can expand it out into your reality/environment/universe.

Continue to work through your fears and clear them in whatever ways you are guided to do so. Once you have cleared fears out, then you can replace that space with love.

If you are in the place where you are trying to figure out how to bring in more love for yourself, there are some visualizations and methods you can try out. You can meditate and put intention on connecting to your future self. This is the version of you that has already figured out and is embodying all the love that you are. Ask to receive from your future self the feeling of this love, the information, and downloads you could use in order to remember what that feels like and embody it.

You may also ask to expand this out to other existences if that resonates for you. During meditation state your intention that you would like to reintegrate the knowledge and feelings of pure love for self, the joy of being who you are, regardless of any conditions, from the existences you have had the most of this love. Even if you do not know the details of a “past” life or alternate/parallel life, you can use visualization and intention to still receive what you need to from that life. Visualize a connection establishing to that life and ask that the connection stay active as long as you need it to, in order to receive the information, thoughts, feelings and love you are asking for. Whenever you are done asking and stating what you would like to happen you can end it with “And so it is.” Some also like to use “So be it & So it is.”

Some of you may receive images, information, and feelings about the life. If you don’t receive anything, then just trust that it is helping and see what transpires for you over time. Eventually you will get more information. I’ve started playing around with this myself and there is one past life and one parallel life I’m currently connected to. When I say past or future lives that is just for some understanding, as the reality is that all existences are happening now and are not linear. With that said because everything is happening now, I’ve also been able to communicate with these other existences. It can be like a network of other versions of me that are willing to assist. I’ve also always felt that this is something that I will be doing further down the road too, where I will be reaching out and helping other existences of myself through something or communicating with many more of them.

My initial entry into this was to assist with something I’ve been stuck on for over a year that has to do with things revolving around my physical body image and not being able to fully love myself for exactly the way I am regardless of what the physical body looks like. It’s a very important part of the ascension process for me and many of us. I have done work around this and cleared past lives and parts of this current life that added to that, but remembering how that felt to be in that embodiment of love for self still was alluding me. This is what I’m working through to finish the last bit of it so I wanted to share to see if it can help you through it as well.

We are all perfect just the way we are. You can ask your higher self and guides to remind you that you are more than enough the way you are at this moment and feel that come through your heart as well. Usually when I ask my higher self to do that I feel something right away.

With Love,



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